Monday, April 11, 2011

Tot School: Occupations with a little letter Qq action

Sorry that this is being posted late. We had a semi-busy weekend and some gorgeous weather so we weren't home/inside as much as we have been. Which is exciting to FINALLY be getting some warm weather.

I love this picture of Asa and all his dot markers around him. He really likes to make his pages colorful.
Sorted out the capital and lowercase Qq's. This is from COAH. He really just humors me by doing these. I still like to use them to reinforce/introduce the letter of the week.
These are quilt puzzles also from COAH (link above).
Once again we didn't get to all of our activities for this. I guess I plan too many things to do. At least it leaves me an arsenal of ideas/things already prepared for when we get back around to it. This is a picture of the books that we read this week. Our Bible lesson for the week was the parable of the Good Samaritan. We did emphasize on his bandaging and taking care of the man on the road, but we also talked about the importance of being kind to everyone.
I put this tray together with Homeschool Creations doctor/nurse preschool pack. Asa had to cut apart the band-aids and then paste the correct number (1-5) on the pages of the booklet.

Shadow matching activity for the pocket chart. Also from the same preschool pack.
I made up some sensory doctor gloves. Asa had a great time feeling them and trying to figure out what was in them. The fillings included: shaving cream, ice, water, beans, pasta, flour, oil, and rice.
Trying to figure out what's in the glove. His favorite was the ice glove.
I saw this idea on Our Country Road. Asa really loves to look through these sensory bins with the purpose of finding something. The pom poms are suppose to be fire. And there were 20 firemen to find and match to the number chart.
Finding a number.
This may not be considered an ok activity for some, but it worked very well for us. I had Asa use my tea candles to squirt out the fire with. This gave us an opportunity to talk about fire safety and what to do if there is a fire in our house. This is something that we had never talked about so there were lots of questions and concerns. A good conversation to have!
This was a cute/fun tray. Asa really liked it. Each yellow square represented a plaque covered tooth. Then Asa used the toothbrush and 'toothpaste' to brush the teeth until they were white. This reinforced the importance of brushing our teeth.
Brushing them clean.
Sorting food by foods that are good for your teeth and foods that could hurt your teeth. This concept was a little confusing for Asa. He kept insisting that jellybeans and ice cream were good for your teeth because they are yummy. Whereas green beans and veggies must be bad for your teeth because they're yucky. The more I tried to explain it the more he insisted that he was right. lol The food printouts are from 2 Teaching Mommies.
Here you can see that he put the suckers on the happy tooth. :)
This is a toothbrush matching activity from 2 Teaching Mommies (link above). He was a little confused at first and thought that you were supposed to match colors, but quickly caught on that we were matching shapes.
This is the first time I've done a letter jumble (this one is from the dentist unit from Musings of Me). Asa really enjoyed this. I would say a letter, he would find it on the page and tell me the sound it made, and then dotted it. I will be doing more of these. I need to make up some number ones for Asa and Annabelle.
Silas continues to not like his picture taken so there are not many pictures to post of him. I did manage to snap a couple and would like to share a couple trays that I put together for him for this week.

He really enjoys putting things in and taking them out again. So this tray was really simple and quick to put together. He put the band-aids in and took them out over and over and over again.
This one he put the cotton balls and q-tips in the container. The cotton balls were much bigger than the holes so he had to work harder at getting them in. He enjoyed this tray too.
I caught one of him in action here.
He loved the fire bin that I put together. I gave it to him sans firemen. We talked a lot about the colors he pulled out.
Eventually we got to the point where I would say, "Find a yellow one.", and he would pull out a yellow one. Yellow is the only color he did this with.
That was our week. We really had a great time. This week we are doing S is for Spring! Should be a great week too. Happy blogging.

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  1. Love the tooth activity! My daughter is obsessed with cavities and wanting to see my fillings! Let me know how the paper mache turns out! A tip: Use the mixture of glue/water with a paint brush over the tissue paper on the balloon and it will be little less sticky on the fingers! Do a few layers and if it ends up too thin--blow the sculpture egg back into shape! The little water balloons work much easier for small hands and short attention spans! Thanks for the nice comments!

  2. i may be to blame for the jellybeans issue :) oh, well....what sweet boys

  3. Great works! Fantastic idea on using the gloves as sensory items!!


  4. I love the gloves idea! I may have to give that a try! You are so creative with setting up your ideas.