Friday, April 1, 2011

Week in Review: Noah's Ark, Rainbows.....and Rabbits too

Well, I had great visions and aspirations for this week. I had a gazillion activities planned. We just had so much fun with Zak being home the first three days of the week that we went very light on the activities. Fortunately for Asa's plans in August we will be revisiting this theme so all ideas and preparations weren't in vain.

I found a great recipe for kool-aid playdoh. Not only did it smell fruity, but the colors were the most vibrant I've ever been able to get them. If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I can post it. Annabelle spent the whole time making a rainbow sandwich.
The idea was to make I made one for the activity sake. lol
Annabelle is really struggling with counting past 12 and recognizing numbers past 10.....still. We've been working on this each week and on Monday we had a slight breakthrough. Using this egg carton game (there is a picture of the inside of the egg carton in this post), Annabelle did the best that she has ever done at identifying these numbers. She still only got them right 70% of the time, but it is still an improvement.
I got the idea for these 'bath paints' from Meet the Dubiens. All this is is shaving cream and food coloring. All three of the kids had fun with them. Annabelle painted with them the longest.
Her rainbow art creation.
Coloring her ark. She worked really hard at coloring it and making it pretty. After it was finished we cut out the windows and glued pictures of animals under them to make a 'lift-a-flap' picture.
Annabelle's picture is the bottom one.
I found this adorable Noah's ark shelf at Goodwill and was really excited about it! I brought down their little beanie babies intending them to toss them into the ark. The holes turned out to be too small, but they really enjoyed playing with it anyway. It was a great tool to help them retell the story.
Annabelle started off the day by using the animal stamps and stamping animals into the ark.
Then because we were talking about rainbows all week we used this color wheel to learn about primary and secondary colors.
The finished product. And despite her 'I'm going to humor my mom and let her take a picture of me smile' she really did enjoy this activity. lol
This is the letter Rr we made for our alphabet wall. (Yes, we did skip Qq, but we are coming back to it this week).
We worked hard on this awesome rainbow all week and did two colors a day. On Thursday we finished it. I think that it is honestly one of my favorite things that we've done this entire school year. Now I just have to find somewhere to put it. I got the great idea for this from The Princess and the Tot, this is just a fantastic blog. You should stop over there.
Isn't it so pretty!
We switched gears on Friday and did rabbit activities. Kind of random, but I love this book (this is actually my book from when I was a little girl) and another blog I read recently jogged my memory and had some great ideas to go with it. As you can see I printed off some storytelling cards from Homeschool Share (this site has some absolutely fabulous resources on it all for FREE).
Here is Annabelle working on putting the story in sequence with the cards. She absolutely loves these types of activities that stem off from a book. This really puts my mind at ease considering the curriculum that I chose for her is very literature oriented. It is good to know that she enjoys book based activities.
Lol....Annabelle took this picture unbeknownst to me. She told me several times that this was her favorite page because she loves the mommy's ballerina outfit. She must of thought it needed to be documented. :)
This is a shadow matching game also printed from the same Homeschool Share link.
I found these really cute rabbit printables at Home Grown Hearts. This one is a number matching rabbit (1-20). Annabelle would pick up a number and tell me what it was and then find the matching number on the rabbit. Of course she needed a whole lot of help with this and was only able to identify the numbers 1-10 and the number 14 correctly. :/
I love floor puzzles (actually any jigsaw puzzle is fine with me), so whenever I see them at second hand stores or garage sales I buy them. This Noah's ark floor puzzle I got at Goodwill for $1.50. These two goofballs worked fairly well together to get it assembled. They thought a funny face would be best for this picture.

That wraps up our week. I wanted to do so much more, but I'm feeling good about what we did get accomplished. The letter was learned, the Bible story was talked about a lot, and we worked on our numbers quite a bit. All in all a pretty good week. :) Happy blogging!


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  1. Oh my goodness. I was looking at the Runaway Bunny If/Then cards and thinking how cute ~ and then realized that I put that lapbook together for Homeschool Share. HA! How sad is my memory!! We are going to do that book with Kaleb this fall and I loved reading it with our other kids!

    Love all of the rainbow activities that you did too!

  2. I love so many things about this post that I'll probably forget to mention them all-- I love that you found that Noah's ark at Goodwill-- what a find! And I adore your rainbow, I will have to do that soon. Our kids are pretty near the same ages, we should be pals. :)