Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bucket List for Summer 2011

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I am a little late joining this party link, but it was so much fun and I've been seeing soooo many fun lists out there that I wanted to add mine. I am hoping that these activities will help us in our mostly unplugged venture that will be starting on Monday. :) I encourage you all to head on over to Little Wonders' Days and check out other people's lists for this summer.

Anytime Ventures
1. Bubble prints
2. Sidewalk chalk paints
3. Paper tube sculpture (if anyone wants to send me their paper tubes I will gladly take them!)
4. Make ice cream
5. Bake and decorate a cake
6. Glue and bead sun catchers
7. Nature collage w/ contact paper
8. Run through the sprinkler (often!)
9. Feet painting
10. Rock painting
11. Make lemonade from real lemons
12. Have a no TV day (hopefully more than once)
13. Splatter painting
14. Water balloon/squirt gun fight
15. Ice cream sundaes for lunch
16. Root beer floats

Family Adventures
1. Visit a Zoo (or two) :)
2. Visit the beach
3. U-pick berries
4. Children's Museum
5. Weekend camping trip
6. See Cars 2
7. Lightening bug hunt
8. Eat every meal outside in one day
9. Chuck E. Cheese
10. Go to an outdoor concert
11. Visit a farmer's market

Adult Adventure's (yes, it's G rated)
1. Cedar Point
2. Make strawberry freezer jam
3. Drive-ins
4. Build fire-pit in the backyard
5. Make 10 new recipes
6. Make cakeballs (I have been wanting to do this FOREVER!!)
7. Host ice cream sundae party (we supply the ice cream, guests bring favorite topping)
8. Make iced coffee
9. Put a birdbath (and other bird friendly items) in the yard

I am looking forward to a fantastic, eventful, productive summer! Happy blogging! :)


P.S. I got some of these lovely ideas from other blogs on the party. I had no intention of actually joining the party so I didn't write down my sources. I apologize to anyone whose idea's I used without giving you credit. Please let me know if this idea was unique to your bucket list and I will definitely link back to you!!

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  1. I love your G-rated adult fun summer list as much as the kid list. I'm so glad you linked up to the party. Have a wonderful summer!