Friday, May 20, 2011

Week in Review: Umbrellas and Weather (and Watermelon too)

We had a good time talking about weather this week and learning about the letters U and W. We are really, really close to completing the alphabet. I'm looking forward to starting our new kindergarten curriculum! :)

Umbrella Fun
Fill in the missing number. Annabelle is getting more and more consistent with recognizing numbers 11-15 (thank you Starfall!). This cute printable can be found at Musings of Me.

Annabelle made umbrellas for the letter wall. She colored on coffee filters then squirted them with water (note to white coffee filters!). Then she dotted on some glue and glittered them to make raindrops. It turned out pretty cute (would've been cuter if we had white coffee filters lol).
On Friday we talked about how umbrellas aren't just used when it's raining. Annabelle looked at me funny. Then I told her you could use them at the beach to stay out of the sun. I made playdoh, left it the natural color and added some vanilla (yummm). She enjoyed playing with it and making a beach scene with shells and little paper umbrellas.
Looks pretty relaxing to me!
Fun with weather
On Tuesday we had fun talking about clouds. We read It Looked Like Spilt Milk. I got inspiration for these ideas at a wonderful blog that I read recently....and now have no idea who it was (I really need to organize those ideas a little better!). If it was you let me know so I can link back to you. :)

We made 'spilt milk' creations using white paint and blue construction paper folded in half. I told Annabelle to only paint on one side of the fold. Then she would fold it in half, open it back up and figure out what it looked like. This was fun. We did quite a few of them. We only got a couple of distinct pictures though.
She said this one is a castle....but I think it looks similar to the Parthenon. :)
This one was a fence.
Then we talked about why it rains. We went briefly over the cycle of water (there is a great Blue's Clues episode for that too), and then did a fun experiment from 2 Teaching Mommies. She was thrilled that she predicted the experiment correctly. lol
We talked about how the wind moves the clouds. We had fun having a cloud race using straws and cotton balls. Asa kept blowing his backwards, so Annabelle finished first.

This is also from 2 Teaching Mommies. I set this out for Annabelle to review her letters A-Z. She did great. Not one mistake!

These cute little cards are from the Musings of Me link. I set out some pony beads to represent raindrops and Annabelle put the correct amount of drops on each number.

We went off on a rabbit trail at the end of the week to do some watermelon activities. Annabelle made a Ww watermelon for her letter wall.
The finished piece. I really like it!
I made a quick cut out of a watermelon and laminated it. Then I set out some number cards (from the Musings of Me link) and some beans. Annabelle put the correct number of 'seeds' on the melon slice. She had fun with this (more than the rain drops).
We had some crazy Michigan weather this week. Upper 40s one day and upper 60s the next (supposed to be 80 tomorrow!). I thought I would include a couple fun pictures of the different things that we did during different types of weather.

In cold weather they all enjoyed the Hungry Hippos game (this is a very, very loud game).
During our warmer day they enjoyed playing outside and picking a beautiful bouquet for mommy. (I think dandelions are one of the most cheery flowers...and I don't have to take care of them).
I hope that everyone else had a great week! Happy blogging.


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