Friday, May 20, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 4

Well, I'm done garage saling for the weekend. I was hoping to get to go tomorrow, but it appears we are out of extra spending money. Which is a bummer because one of the nicest areas I have gone to the last couple of years is having their block sale tomorrow. :( Oh well. So what can you get for $15 these days? Let me show you.....

Really fun flash cards that you move and the pictures change. Silas will love these!
A really cool teacher book with a ton of ideas organized by month for ages 2-3. This will be great to look through and see if I can add any activities to Asa and Silas' Tot School.
Some fun books. I've always liked The Kissing Hand. The sticker book has never been used and has all of its stickers. Asa is going to have a ball!
Annabelle got a new pair of cute brown sandals.
These next 3 pictures were at a fill a bag for $2 sale. There was someone there picking through the girls size that I was looking for before I got there so it was pretty picked through. I still managed to find some fun things for $2. A couple sundresses, a few skirts (I got the Hello Kitty purely because I knew she would love it....and I still had room in my bag. lol), and a Speedo swimsuit (looks brand new!)
A few things for Asa
And a zip up sweatshirt for me.
This is hard to see, but I bought 2 pair of jeans and a pair of dress pants for me. A t-shirt for me, and an AEO shirt for Zak. Also, I have a boot obsession. This was my most expensive purchase at $3 a pair of brown suede (looks like new) boots. The brand is one carried at Target.
I am pretty bummed looking at that last picture because I realized after I got home that I also bought a Calvin Klein sweater at that sale that didn't get put into my I don't know what I'm going to wear to church on Sunday. :/ lol

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  1. Don't you love it when you can find nice things for yourself? That's so fun! Great finds this week! The sandals are adorable!

  2. You did very well! I love the dresses that you found! A few summers ago we were quite broke and I would yard sale with 10.00 per week. I got pretty good at being selective. It has really helped now that my budget is higher. Sorry you have to be done for the weekend, but you got some great stuff!!