Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Animal Notebook

One of the reasons I like the Winter Promise curriculum so much (besides the fact that I just love it!) is the notebooking element it has added in. I love the idea that Annabelle will have something to look back and and remember this year by. It is a little book of memories that we are going to make together throughout our learning this year.

(Sorry for the pictures in advance. They are dark. Oh how I wish that I was a talented photographer and had something nicer than a point and click camera. But alas, I am not.)

Cover of the binder (as provided by WP). The binder is a white 2".
This is the page that is also provided by WP. If you click and enlarge it you can see the questions. I read them and she dictated her answers. I especially love that she said giraffes have polka dots. :) It is scheduled to do this all on one day, but we split it up and did a couple questions a day. So this would be it for the notebooking portion if I could leave well enough alone. BUT.....I can't. lol
There is an INCREDIBLE site called Homeschool Share. They have wonderful lapbook components. We are not going to do a lapbook on every animal (she is just too young for that). We are going to be using the fun elements that you see in our notebook from there. I encourage you to check out the site (especially if you are using Animal Worlds and looking to add components to your notebook).

Her giraffe art is included. She did such a nice job on this picture that she colored. It took her 2 days. :) Then the picture that she drew.
I halved a file folder and matted a couple pictures I printed out to some scrapbook paper. We will probably only keep her giraffe that she made for the remainder of the Savannah unit (6 weeks), but I do want her to remember the hard work that she put into it.
These are the Predator and On the Map components opened up.
Then we have the back of the file folder. We did a diet component. In it is asks what they eat and how they drink. I thought the drinking part was better/easier described in pictures. One of a real giraffe drinking and the other of Annabelle trying it out. :) The just a couple fun questions that Annabelle dictated the answers to for me.
This is the inside of the diet component (lol....is there a less official word to describe that?). She actually wrote/copied the answer.

Overall, I really think that she will enjoy looking back on this. It will also provide a great review. We are into our lions week and having fun. Happy blogging.

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  1. What a nice notebook! Fun unit and nice memories. And giraffes are just cool anyway! : )

  2. What a great keepsake and learning tool! I love how you included pictures in the notebook of your daughter doing the activities! I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog! I am your newest follower! (;

  3. What a delightful life your beautiful daughter is experiencing. The world needs more mothers like you! As a Montessori teacher I am very impressed with this site!