Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 8

Finally have a little bit of time to sit down and share all of my great finds this week! We spent Friday evening and Saturday with my parents at the cottage they are vacationing at. It was a wonderful relaxing couple of days. They actually kept my kids overnight for me on Thursday night! So not only did I have a wonderful date night with Zak, I also had a lovely relaxing morning on Friday garage saling sans kids. :)

I went to a former kindergarten teacher's sale. She was fairly young and had decided to stay home with her kids so her collection wasn't huge, but I did find some great things there. I really like this butterfly life cycle puzzle. $1.00
These are cute little flowers that have clocks on them. The kids will move the hands to show the correct time (they have an answer on the back so the kids can check their work). Something I could've made myself but didn't have to....EXCELLENT!! $1.50
Great math with candy books. I think that these books are so much fun. $1.00 a piece
I paid a dollar for each of these. A little pricier than what I like to pay for books, but several of them are on my Amazon wish list. $1 is cheaper than the 5-6 I would've paid there. The On the Mayflower: Voyage of the Ship's Apprentice and a Passenger Girl and America the Beautiful are absolutely beautiful books with gorgeous pictures. $7.00
These books were .25 a piece. Several of them were on my list. I couldn't believe that they were selling a hardcover edition of The Hat for .25!
Great Solar System floor puzzle. $2.00 Ice Cream erasers used for counting, $1, and Mancala $1
Some random clothes. I did buy more clothing, but gave some to my nephew. :) There is a nice bathrobe in this picture that I got for .25. $2.00 (for everything in this pic)
Found some different beanies that I've been looking for for our environment studies. $2.00 total
I found this great little 'dollhouse' for Annabelle's birthday. These dolls are the size of Polly Pockets. She is really, really going to like this. $5.00
It came with furniture, and all these little outfits. I'm going to see if I can find a couple more princesses at Target. The little pile in the upper left corner is all their shoes.....even dolls have to have a gazillion pairs apparently. lol
I didn't get these books at a garage sale, but I did find them on Craigs List. I've been compiling decent books that I enjoyed as a child for the kids. I found someone selling a set of 46 Bobbsey Twins books for $30. I was absolutely thrilled to find these. I really enjoyed these books growing up and hope that my kids do too.
And finally.....I found a bike for Annabelle for $15! It's really cute and came with the training wheels (bonus). This is something that I was thinking of buying for her birthday (in Sept.), but then she would only have a little while to enjoy it before winter. I thought that we would get it now so that she has all summer to enjoy it. She loves Strawberry Shortcake. It has a cute little backpack and bell too. I can't wait to let her try it that's what I'm going to do right now! :)

GRAND TOTAL: $42.50 (minus the Bobbsey Twins books)
Hope everyone else had a great week of garage saling. I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull. Head on over there to check out other great finds. Happy blogging.



  1. Awesome week! I love the butterfly puzzle and the Bobbsey Twin books-What a TREASURE! I have never considered Craig's List for something like that! Great find! I have a few really old ones and a few really new ones, they are precious! Thanks for linking up! Have a great week garage sale buddy! :)

  2. Nice finds! Our sales got rained out this weekend. I find it interesting that the teacher was selling those things. She must not plan on going back... otherwise I'm sure she'd hoard them away in a garage or something, I have. hmmm.

  3. ack! I am totally living through your garage sale finds! Hubby has been working Friday and Saturday mornings so we haven't been going. I would LOVE to go by myself but that requires a sitter and those are so hard to come by with 3 kids! ;)

  4. I really like the little flower clocks!! Maybe if I come up with some free time I'll make some for us! 1.50 is a great price! The bike is AWESOME!! I am sure your DD will love it, and what a great Polly Pocket set! We have been getting them at sales (never make it to my pictures as they are already all over DD's bedroom). She loves them. I like the princess clothes for the one you found. Great finds!!