Monday, June 20, 2011

Haircuts and Bucket List Fun....

We had a great time this last weekend at a cottage that my parents are staying at. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera! :( (bad Jessica....). I made up for the lack of weekend pictures on Sunday evening. Zak is still working on the play set for the kids (almost done!!) so we all hung out in the backyard. We decided that it was time for the boys to have their summer cuts. They've been sweating like little pigs. It makes me miserable just looking at them. I hope that this will help keep them cool.

Asa cheesing before....
Looking a little unsure....after all this is Zak's first time.
Asa cheesing after. So stinking cute!
Silas in waiting. This is his first official haircut. :(
Goofy look on his face. He sat so still. Such a big boy.
Sweet Silas after.....that gorgeous strawberry color better come back!
After the haircuts I thought some splatter painting was in order. This quickly went to body painting. I'll have to try the splatter method again another time. They also mixed all their colors so there wasn't a beautiful sampling of finished products. They had fun though and that's what counts!

This one was the coolest.
We ran through the sprinkler for a while to get cleaned up....that kind of backfired when they started playing in the dirt. lol After rinsing them off we enjoyed their very first root beer floats.


I think these pictures sum it up. :) Happy blogging.



  1. What a perfect summer day! Love the red hair!

  2. A's haircut is too cute! Love it!

    Root beer floats! Now that is my favorite! You definitely gave me a craving!