Friday, July 22, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 13

I attempted to find a newspaper yesterday evening to use it to look for sales (I usually just use Craigs List), but there was no paper to be found at the 4 places I went looking for one. Must be they don't believe in putting papers out on Thursday. lol I was kind of bummed but still did my usual routine and was able to find some good things.

Train floor puzzle - $2.00
I think that this is my favorite of the day. Annabelle loves this game (we don't even own it!) so when I spotted this rug game board for $1.00 I bought it. It may be a Christmas present....we will have to find/buy the game to go with it though. lol
I know, I know I bought party supplies a couple weeks ago but Annabelle recently informed me that she would really like a Hello Kitty party. I was going to ignore her request knowing she'd be just as happy with what I found, but then I saw all of these brightly colored Hello Kitty party items for a total of $4.00.
Finally found some clothes. Most of these are 5T for next summer and this winter. $20
Annabelle has been looking at these all afternoon. I'm so glad that she informed me last week that she was in need of 'just for girls' books otherwise I might have passed these up. :) $1.50 for all of them.
These books were all .25 and the alphabet puzzle was .50. None of the books were really on my list, but most will fit nicely with a theme. I was excited about the Dinosaurumpus book and Curious George Goes to the Hospital. $4.75
Misc. school items. Contact paper $1, money flashcards .50 (they're very cool flashcards), finally found some perler beads (a whole bucket full!) $1, fingerpaint paper .50, chameleon .25 (for our rainforest unit), bucket full of really cool wooden bears $1.00. The lady said they were for lining up and pushing over (like dominoes), but they are so cool and there are so many different uses for them. They will be showing up soon in Tot School.
AND because I buy so much stuff every week at garage sales I thought some additional storage was necessary. 5 shelf black thing $4, and the magazine sorters $1 for all. I want to use them for book organization (I need about 30-50 more of these lol).

Can I just rant for a moment? Good. I really dislike when there is a block sale advertised and there is only 2 houses on the street having sales. I think that in order to say you are having a block sale there needs to be 7-10 houses having a sale. I've driven too much to 'block sales' lately only to be sorely disappointed. AND if you all are living on the same block and are selling at one house I would say that is a multiple family yard sale....still not a block sale, sorry.

End rant. :) I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull. I really enjoy seeing what everyone finds garage saling so if you found something please share! Happy blogging.



  1. Great stuff! I love the floor puzzle.. you always are finding those! And the candy land rug is awesome. I think you could make some pieces for it yourself. Those bears you got would probably be great moving pieces. Then just make some colored cards and laminate them. Just an idea. ;) Great find on the stackable black bins! I was just looking at some similar at Walmart but they were over $4 for one! And I hear on the "block" sales advertising. Very frustrating indeed!

  2. Great week! So glad you finally found some clothes! I almost got rid of all my magazine holders today as I was cleaning/purging our school room, but all of a sudden I needed them, for those floppy books that won't stand up nice on the shelf! They are so helpful!

  3. I'm loving the wooden bears and the floor puzzle. And you can never have too many crates-great find!!