Friday, July 22, 2011

Henry Huggins

We are finishing up Henry Huggins today. It was a scheduled book for our adventure reading. I must say that compared to Born Free we really enjoyed this book. Annabelle was just really able to get into the story a bit more. We did a few fun things to enhance the story and though that I would share them with you. I also wanted to share the discussion questions that I threw together to ask at the end of each chapter.

Chapter #1 - Henry and Ribs
Why couldn't Ribsy come on the bus?
Why is it important to follow the rules?

Chapter #2 - Gallons of Guppies
Why couldn't the fish be in one bowl?
Why was it hard for Henry to give away his fish?
We also picked a stuffed animal for her to give away. Then we cleaned out her fish tank.....
...poured in rocks.....
....and bought two guppies (Tommy and Chucky), who sadly did not make it longer than 2 weeks. (In the picture they are on the left side of the tank by the plant.)
Chapter #3 - Henry and the Night Crawlers
Why was Henry responsible to replace the football?
Was it good of the man to return the football?

There were a lot of fun things that could've been done with this chapter. We just didn't have the time to do it....and I don't think Annabelle would've appreciated it much. (Think fun with worms)

Chapter #4 - The Green Christmas
Why didn't Henry want to be the little boy in the play?
Did Henry have a good or a bad attitude?
Was it nice for the other kids to be teasing Henry?

In this chapter Henry gets green paint dropped on his head. We mixed blue and yellow paint to make green (kind of green...there is too much blue in it) and painted a little boy green. Then she used her finger to make green paw prints.

Chapter #5 - The Pale Pink Dog
Why did Henry want to use the bath tub indoors instead of the washtub outdoors.

This activity is super easy....we painted a pink dog. :)

Chapter #6 - Finders Keepers
What do you think will happen to Ribsy?
What boy should get to keep him?

It was pretty easy to come up with these activities for Annabelle to do (plus more that we didn't even have time to do). I think that she really enjoyed them. During the extra activities we were able to reopen our discussion of the book. It is amazing some of the conversations that came out of a simple scheduled adventure reading. Everything from the importance of pet care, to being responsible with other peoples things, to why we can't paint our brothers green. :) Really looking forward to what comes out of our next book. Happy blogging.


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