Friday, August 12, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 16

Week 16! I must say that I am pretty pleased with this weeks findings. Although not a huge variety of things I was able to cross a few things of my 'want/need' list and find a few fun things. It was also nice because every sale I stopped at was nice, clean, and as described on Craig's List (which is definitely not always the case!). Also, I'm thinking and praying about trying something I bought a few 'investment' pieces if you will. Those won't be included in this post. As I would like to talk to Zak about them before he reads about it (love you babe!).

First up, a load of beanies. I was really excited to see these guys. They were displayed on a cool looking beanie tower. It was really fun to realize that the lady selling them was a teacher and used them during habitat studies which is exactly what I'm doing with them. I tried to group them together in 'habitats' but I don't know how well that worked. Aren't they fun?! I really like the little birds. AND I found a scorpion...which is nice. I think that the desert habitat is the one I have the least of. These were .50 a piece soooo $6.50 (the red lobster was free(yummm Red Lobster lol))
From the same sale I got this jumbo checkers set for $2, which included the basket...yeah! :)
Fun little group of things. Couple 100 piece puzzles for Annabelle $1, Honey Bee Tree game (like Kerplunk only cuter) $2, Lite Brite $1, foam animal stickers .50, My First Colors Book (with cute magnets) $2, Phonics Tiles $1.50, AND my favorite find of the week....some really cool phonics game cards $1.00
Here's a close-up. You put a piece of paper behind it and write the letter it starts with in the holes. It self checks on the back. The are laminated and everything already! There are 6 cards for .50!
Here are the other ones. There are 50 cards (some of them are duplicates...and I think this will be fantastic for my first giveaway that's coming up soon!). This is the same concept: put a piece of paper behind, fill in the missing vowel/phonic blend, and self check on the back. Laminated and everything....pretty excited to find these for .50!
And of course no week would be complete without more books. I didn't really keep track of how much they were. Some were .50, some were .25, and some were 1.00....and a couple were .75 (weird). So I will say that I spent around $10 on books this week. The Planting a Rainbow and Birds book were both on my list. What Do You Do With a Tail Like That? is just a really fun book. I was also happy with Pelle's New Suit.
This is the other half of the books. Lots of fantastic, great condition Seuss books. Also, I found some unbelievable prices (.50 a piece!) on some pristine condition American Girl books.

Well, those were my finding for the most part.
GRAND TOTAL: $27.50ish :)

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  1. Wow! You scored some great finds. I didn't yard sale this week, but we did find some great books at Goodwill.

  2. You did find some good stuff! I like the idea of using the beanie babies for habitat studies. I might have to keep a look out for some now.

  3. My favorite is the checkers game! My kids would LOVE that! The flip over cards are really neat too! I missed going to garage sales this week, but didn't really miss spending the money. Maybe I can get to a thrift store this weekend! Hopefully!

    P.S. I love it that I'm not the only one who hates the phone...makes me feel so much better! :o)

  4. Great finds! When I was a little girl we had that checker game. I will post my finds later this afternoon.

  5. You had such a FUN week!! We had the giant checkers game as a kid and LOVED IT. I'm going to have to get my parents to pull it out next time we visit. Love the phonics cards...I'll be watching for the giveaway ;). Painting a Rainbow, Pelle's Suit and Wacky Wednesday are some of my favorites-great finds!

  6. I've been meaning to email you! I have lots of questions I want to ask. Looks like a good week! Love the phonics games! Can't wait for the giveaway. (Maybe you have it up already... I've been MIA from the computer the past few days!) :)