Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Learning Space

Not Back to School Blog Hop
It it is time for "Not" Back to School blog hop. This is the first year that I've participated. Last week was curriculum themed. This week is all about sharing our learning spaces. I've shared the area once before, but never in its own special post. Also there have been some minor changes. I really, really love having our own school room to learn in. I must say that the main reason I love it is because I can shut the door on everything when we are done and not worry about picking up tray items all over the house for the rest of the day. :) Without further it is.

Calendar/Pocket Chart Wall. We do our calendar routine probably 3 times a week. I am still working out the scheduling for our mornings. Trying to fit it in is tough sometimes. The pocket chart is used for various activities. You can see the most recent example in this post. The tall thing on the left is our Animal Height Chart that Annabelle is using to chart the height (redundant much?) of the animals we are studying this year. On the floor is our themed book bin and our Bible basket.
Our (mostly) current curriculum bookshelves. The top shelf is Sonlight that we aren't using at the moment...but will sometime in the next year. Also, Asa and Silas' tot school plans as well as our Bible notebooks are on the right of the top shelf. Second shelf is all Annabelle's current curriculum and all of her LA curriculum. Third shelf is her Math and some flashcards as well as additional books to add to her habitat themes. Bottom shelf Asa and Silas' themed books and the GeoSafari Phonics Pad and pasta letter sensory boxes. Sorry that was all boring....I just enjoy knowing what is on other people's shelves so I thought maybe there is someone out there like me! :)
Art easel....also doubles as our felt board stand. Table where some of the learning takes place.
This is a messy corner at the moment. I had grand plans to organize it a bit better this week, but that didn't happen. So here it is in all it's glory. Annabelle's workboxes are on the left. On top of the shelves are where I store some of our workbooks, various teaching items, and our letter box things. The top cubes are for books (and currently Annabelle's Savannah diorama). The bottom cubes are for Tot Trays. This is also the 'imaginative play area' (hence the lily pad).
There used to be a big entertainment center here with a TV on it. I was able to convince Zak that it needed to be moved out to the garage. I now have this great wall for displaying artwork and room for our imaginative play area (this pic was took when it was still set up with Savannah animals). On the closet door you can see our mini pocket chart (Target dollar spot). Silas uses this one quite a bit.
And now to show you the scary unorganized part of the classroom. In my defense all the books are categorized together nicely. The 3 drawer cart is full of books and it rolls out so I can get to books behind it nicely. The princess backpack is Annabelle's nature walk bag. The top shelf hold paints, stamps, construction paper, playdoh stuffs, and dot markers. (These things we use weekly....sometimes daily). Eventually I would like this to look much nicer. Time, finances, and space are all roadblocks that get in the way at the moment. :) And I know for the homeschooler it isn't hard to believe, but to the other wonderful people that read this blog and may not believe it due to the sheer volume of books: Yes, yes we do read all of them! :)
Really looking forward to seeing everyone's rooms on the blog hop! Happy blogging.



  1. I like seeing things in all their glory. ;) We are going to start nature studies this year--a bag dedicated to nature study stuff is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love knowing what's on people's shelves. :) Where did you get your (big) pocket chart from? Oh, and are you thinking of using Sonlight? I'm leaning towards it because I obviously love books. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great space!! I wish we had room to hang a pocket chart. But we have a greater need for bookshelves. Lots of those. LOL

  4. Amanda, I answered this on your blog as well, but I wanted to leave an answer for others that may read the comments and wonder the same thing. :)

    I wanted to answer your question about us using Sonlight. Right now we are actually using Winter Promise (similar style to Sonlight only more hands on activities). My plan right now is to use WP. However, I was given enough Sonlight Cores to get me through middle school! I plan on using Core A next year for a filler year so that the boys will catch up (I do not want to be teaching both world history and US history at the same time). I will also plan on using Core B and C a few years after that for another filler. The rest of the curriculum will be used at the same time as WP curriculum to supplement what we are already learning. :)

    Everything I just said is subject to change depending on whatever whim I get at the moment. lol

  5. Dont worry about the closet 'looking nice.' As long as it is functional and easy to keep in order, that's all that matters. Save your energy for the things people can see. I love how you are using your new lilypad! You have a great space!!

  6. It looks like alot of fun learning is going on!!! Have a great year!!!! We are moving out of the pre-ks this year and it is a weird feeling, lol!!!

  7. What a sweet space you have to school in! :)