Saturday, July 30, 2011

The End of The Beginning!

Three weeks worth of the Creation.....yikes! This was really only supposed to take two weeks (6 days), but with trying to fit everything in some of these activities just kind of took a back seat. Not that Bible lessons in and of themselves took a backseat (we read/discuss it almost daily), just the extra stuff I wanted to do to go along with it and help make it memorable for them took longer. I don't think that they least they didn't complain at all on the way. :)

This is the felt board. I printed these graphics off such a long time ago I don't even remember where they are from (unfortunate because I am now missing the Fourth Day piece), but you could easily make your own. My felt board is made of a big piece of wood/board, fleece, and staples. Thanks Zak! :)
They got used in the pocket chart too. Silas loved to play with them and 'teach' the lesson.
These are the creation circles. A couple times a week I would have the kids pull numbers from a bag and place them on the correct circle.
Annabelle showing Silas where to put a number.
Asa and Silas enjoyed the Creation Clothespin games the most.
Working on pinching it open.
This was probably Silas' favorite creation activity. He did a great job and even decided to put the clothespins on upside down instead of figuring out how to open them.
I made these creation blocks with some decorative blocks I found on sale at Meijer in February (they had XOXOXO on them). Glued the decals right on and 'shellacked' them. :) We put these in order after dinner one night. Plus the kids have played with them a lot in the school room.
DAY 1 - Day and Night
Asa made a black and white collage

We all played the Day and Night game (played again during Day 4 activities). I ended up making this a pocket chart activity instead of a tray activity.
Do you eat breakfast in the day or at night?
Do you wear pjs during the day or at night?

Silas thought he was so big doing this. I love being able to include him!

DAY 3 - Plants (we didn't really do anything for Day 2 except read a couple cloud books).
Asa made a plant/nature collage.

DAY 4 - Sun, Moon, and Stars
Annabelle and Asa made really simple suns out of paper plates.
Should have thrown on some glitter....oh well.
DAY 5 - Things that fly and things that swim
Asa worked on this fly or swim sort.
He did a good job!
Silas did it too. He was pretty convinced that bats should be in the water. :)
We also made some birds with our feathers. This one is Annabelle's.
Asa working on his.
We also used Hubbard's Cupboard suggestions with working on their Bible 'notebook' pages. I think that we're going to keep this going throughout the year so that they have something fun to look through and remember lessons by.
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 6
Day 7 - We made a world using markers and coffee filters (still need to get some white filters lol).
The finished days. Asa's are on the top, Annabelle's are on the bottom.

That wraps up their study of creation. I still had a couple things that didn't get done....but we need to move on. We'll have to do the other things the next time around. :) Happy blogging.

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  1. I love the creation blocks-- what a great idea! I'm going to make note of this for next time we cover Creation. And I like the Bible notebooks too. What a great way to be able to look back and remember what they learned!

  2. Hi. Found you by your link up on 1+1+1=1. Just wanted to mention that I have a daughter (7) named Annabelle. We will be homeschooling for the first time this year (at least her...the boys 4 and 3 have always been). Anyway, I never see the name Annabelle anywhere and thought it was neat.

  3. On that same note- I have a redheaded Silas and my nephew's named Asa! :) LOVE both names, and really enjoyed looking at your creation activities! Blessings to you and yours!