Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Post For the Birds

I wanted to add a bird bath to our yard this year (and several other bird friendly features). Coincidentally, during Annabelle's last week of the Savannah habitat it suggested that we build a 'watering hole' in our own yard. That settled it....off to Menard's we went.

We bought some suet, and a couple suet feeders.
Here was our bath decision....Annabelle was convinced she was going to fill it with that little cup.
I also printed out some bird identification card and laminated them. So when a bird does actually decide to take a bath or eat (we've been unsuccessful so far) we will be able to observe and identify what kinds of birds visit our yard.
I'm hoping that they will start to come soon. I don't know if it's our placement or if it just takes longer for birds to get used to the bath, or if there is just enough food to go around right now since it's summer. I guess we'll see as time goes on. Happy blogging!



  1. I know that birds like the feeder near some cover so if they need to escape quickly they can. We've never had much luck with the bath.

  2. do you have a link you could share for the identification cards?

    1. It has been such a long time and I'm not for sure..... I did a quick little search and found these 3-part cards. I think mine were originally 3-part cards that we just used the one part with. Hope this helps :)