Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 14

I was really, very excited about garage sales this weekend for a couple reasons. 1) I got to go kid free thanks to my wonderful hubby that really doesn't like to go garage saling, but doesn't mind watching the kids for me when I go, and 2) My brother and sister in law just had sweet twin girls (as in a week ago today!). We get to go see them this weekend and I was so excited to be able to look at cute little girl things. I haven't done that in a few years. :) My grand total at the end will not reflect the clothes that I bought for them. I do not know if they read the blog or not, but I do not want to reveal how much I spent on Plus, the money for gifts like this does not come out of the garage sale budget.

I found a sale that must have had a little girl in the summer. I was really excited as they had NB sizes in summer clothing. 8 cute little rompers, a whole bunch of almost brand new girly onsies, and a lot of socks.
I also found some little footed rompers/jammies cause summers in MI can get chilly at night (or in AC houses). So, thank you Josh and Sarah for having twin girls so that I could have so much fun buying little girly things. :) (Can you tell that I have the baby bug in a BAAADDDD way?) lol
I found this DKNY dress coat for Annabelle. Brand new with tags still! It's fully lined so it will be a great church coat this winter. $5.00, and a random shirt for me .75
Found some more animals for our habitat studies. I was happy to find some more woodlands creatures (fox, skunk, deer).....I really like the camel too. $2.50 for this picture.
Found more good books. I found a sale that was selling them for .10 a piece but there weren't many good ones there. Most of these were only a .25 though. I was excited about the Alaska ABC Book and the Little House Christmas book. I have all the Little House books, but it will be nice to just read the Christmas excerpts and not have to look at them in the book (plus it has fun pictures). Apprx. $4.50
A couple puzzles at .25, a few random clothes for the boys $1.00, a couple of Native American legends books (these will come in handy in a couple years when we do American history) .50, and a couple of American Girl these books .50 :)
Ok, last picture is kind of crazy random. The Christmas tray (.10) and tin (.25) will be used in Tot School this year. The rest of the items are just little things that I found to go into our phonics drawers. I found a couple long A items (anchor, acorn), a couple S items (sun, snowman), a L item (lemon, a P item (paddle), and a W item (walnut) $1.75
That was it. Kind of a weak week for me.....oh well. The season usually picks up again in late August for a few weeks so I have that to look forward to. Can't wait to see what everyone else found this weekend. I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull. :) Also linking up for the first time to Yard Sale Mommy, her blog makes me think differently about garage saling..... :)


  1. That coat is adorable!! I would have paid $5.00 for that-easy! I'm glad you had fun shopping for baby girl clothes! It's so much better buying them at garage sales than new. I had so many clothes that Marshmallow never wore...she just grew too fast. I would have been feeling pretty badly had I paid big bucks for them!

    Congratulations on your new nieces! Just a warning...having babies is contagious! Why do you think I had so many! lol

  2. Love your little phonics items! I need to put that on my garage sale list, because I always forget to look out for them. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. Isn't so nice to find great things for nieces and nephews? That's one of my favorite things about yard saleing! Thanks for linking up and I loved reading your story!

  4. The coat is seriously adorable! You found some great books too. I love the little baby clothes, congrats Auntie!!