Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch - Up Post

Well, August was a crazy month! We got a total of two weeks of K completed in that time! I realize that I haven't put up a review for any of it. That is because I was trying to get it completed before I posted. That didn't happen, so it will have to be done in a couple posts (plus, I don't want to include 100 pics in one post). :)

The 2nd week we focused on alligators. This was a fun week. Still working on getting the work we did for her animal notebook around (note to a color ink cartridge). This is her cute alligator craft that she did.
The first week was just an introduction to the swamp habitat. We talked about mud. We attempted an experiment. We started out with three glasses of the same amount of dirt.
We added a different amount of water to each cup.....
and then realized that we can't make mud from the dirt in our yard because it is full of sand. lol
The two letters that were focused on in the Animal Worlds curriculum these weeks were K and T. Annabelle made a 'kissing K'.

Tissue paper Tt....she got really bored super quick with the crumpling technique.
She was painting one afternoon and decided to paint a picture of the letter Tt.

There is a brief overview. I have a fun nature walk post to get around too. :) Happy blogging!


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