Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snapping Turtle Math

Annabelle has been working on number recognition for numbers 1-20 (well, really just numbers 12-20). I was trying to think of a fun way to incorporate this into our swamp theme. Then it dawned on me.....

Annabelle made this one day during her school time. It's a very colorful snapping turtle (see the clothespin sticking out of it's mouth?).
The I remembered that I had these fantastic pond numbers from Jolanthe's Pond Preschool Pack. (sorry for the poor picture...I am in no way, shape, or form a photographer lol)
I hung up the numbers using clothespins and would say, "Snapping Turtle find the number___ "
Annabelle would then find and snap the right number. I would say, "Good job Snapping Turtle!" She thought that was pretty funny. :)
She's so happy....she was supposed to snap the number 12. lol
Just so no one thinks that set up for these things is without trial and error I included a couple different attempt pictures.

Attempt #1 - I originally used yarn....the clothespins wouldn't hold the numbers because the yarn was too thin and the numbers kept falling off. (See Annabelle's feet in the picture....waiting patiently for me to get it figured out).
Attempt #2 - We have a broken baby gate and I thought that if I put the clothespins underneath it and the numbers on top it might work.....it didn't work. lol
Attempt #3 - So then I remembered we just bought our dog a tie out for when we visit my parents. It was much thicker than the yarn. It still wasn't the perfection that I was envisioning, but it worked good enough to stop looking for alternatives to the original plan.
Anyone else out there not get things right on the first try? Happens to me ALL the time. :) Happy blogging!


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  1. this is a fun game & I appreciate how you shared your failed attempts too. I have lots of those and often think it's just me!

    would love to invite you to link this up to the Sunday Showcase - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/search/label/Sunday%20Showcase


  2. My son is working hard on 12-20 too! For some reason, he just keeps skipping from 13 to 17 and has a hard time with those numbers inbetween. It's fun seeing him work on it. I like your pond theme clothes pin idea!

  3. What a fun, creative activity, Jess! I featured your post and photo in my Montessori-Inspired Turtle Activities post at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2013/05/20/montessori-monday-montessori-inspired-turtle-activities/