Friday, September 16, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week ??

I have been garage saling the past few weeks, just not blogging about it. Truth is I haven't been finding much. Except I did find a fantastic Christmas present for Annabelle.....although I'm going to save that for a special Christmas ala garage sales post. Anyway, onto the finds....

I actually didn't find these cuisenare rods, a good friend did. I think she paid $2. It is almost a complete set....just missing 5 rods total!

I found this Discovery Kids Playful Patterns for $1!
Excellent condition......separated colors make me happy. :)
Fun bag of Zoobs for $1 (there were more than these in the bag....the kids were playing with them when I took the pic).
Bag of play dough cutters .25
Busy Bugs by Discovery Toys.....this is in NEW condition....I was pretty pumped to find this and didn't really mind paying the $4 for it.
This is another find by my friend.....I think she paid $3 for it? It is by Ravensburger....and for some reason I feel like I know this it was in my childhood somewhere and I don't know when or where. lol Boggle Jr. for $1. Yes, I do already own this. I love the dice....what can I say? I'm a little ridiculous. :)
Sorry about this horribly messy pic. This will be part of the special Christmas post and will be set up better. This is two Geo Trax sets; the Airport and some western looking one. I got both of these for $18.
I got 3 great rugs for a total of $6. They are such a great size....and now I won't have cold feet while standing on my basement floor doing laundry (maybe I should invest in slippers).
3 new spiderman coloring books. Always a good thing when you have 3 little boys (one is my nephew) who LOVE him....and have absolutely no idea who he is. lol $1.50
Random selection of books for .50 a piece. $4.50
This is my FAVORITE find of the weekend. These are all BIG books (meaning they're big....) they are so much fun. Annabelle has already enjoyed looking at them. I got all 16 of these for $5!! Love them.

GRAND TOTAL: $42 give or take a couple $$

Happy blogging!



  1. another great week. Those are some great finds. We are going out in the morning and hope to do just as well!

  2. i do love to see what goodies you have found. mine have been mainly baskets the past few weeks. I do have a basket problem!!
    Tomorrow is Car booty morning so will be walking down to the field to see what goodies i can find. I have also found myself walking around the charity shops seeking out good treats!!

  3. confession of the week is that I ditched school on Thursday and went garage saling..shhh...don't tell anybody! :) I didn't find nearly as much cool stuff as you did though. I found one of those cool bike thingys, you know where the child can pedal along because they are attached to the parents bike. I also found some clothes including a pair of Osh Kosh Overalls, I love overalls on little boys!

    Glad you found some great stuff! Geo Tracks are so fun!

  4. Wow, you REALLY hit the jackpot! I think I need to get out and check out our local sales.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! What great finds for school!! Way to go! :)