Friday, September 16, 2011

Tot School: Ponds in Review....FINALLY

If you missed the post with my tot trays for our Pond Theme (because they were posted almost a month ago lol) you can see them here. We had a lot of fun over this very spread out unit. Here are some of the fun things we did.

Balancing 'fish eggs' on top of golf tees. This was Silas' favorite tray.

Love his pudgy little fingers balancing these marbles. :)
He played with his magnet tray a lot....this really isn't pond related, just fun.
Asa sorting his frogs (you can find the link to this in my link to the tot trays post....did that make sense?).
Silas liked to line them up in the squares on the rug.
Pond/Fish alphabet matching.
Remember when it was warm and we could wear shirts with no sleeves? What happened Michigan?? lol
Finished and proud.
Silas matching his vocabulary/nomenclature cards. (Again all links are found in the link above).
All three of the kids had fun and worked hard on a pond collage for the wall in the schoolroom. They dotted frogs.....

Painted the pond background.
Made cute little ducks.

We also did handprint fish, lily pads, cattails, and a turtle. They really enjoyed adding to this.

I really think the cattails and the fish are my favorite....but I like the lily pads too.
A whole lot of fun wrapped into one big project.....I really don't want to take it down. lol
I hope that everyone else had a great week! Happy blogging.


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  1. i LOVE that pond so much- but not as much as i LOVE the kids :)

  2. The pond is great! The cattails for adorable!

  3. I love your pond! The frog and lilly pad tray looks like a lot of fun too. Great ideas.

  4. Oh the pond art is great! Nice to have something you all worked on together!