Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Phonics Fun

I threw together some new phonics trays this week. Just thought that I would share them. Annabelle is going to be venturing into reading starting Monday. She is NOT excited about it. lol We'll see how it goes. I think she thinks it is going to be incredibly hard. Hopefully, my attitude will be very encouraging to her.

This is just a list of some basic words that we are going to begin learning. The cards just have the letters on them and will be used a couple ways. First, I will start with telling her to find the letters in a word and then we'll sound them out together. Second, I will say a word and she will find the letter sounds. She can also use the tray independently with the word sheet and letter cards.
This is just a fun way to practice phonic sounds. The die is from Boggle. I pulled out some of our items that begin with the letters on the die. She will roll the die, find something that begins with that letter and then put it under the correct letter on the tray.
I got this idea for a word board from Hart 2 Hart. I think it will help Annabelle get really excited to see the words she's learning get pinned up there. Kind of an incentive for her to at least TRY! :)
This one is for Asa. Just letter identification with Boggle dice.
These are short a CVC dry erase flashcards (I actually have a giveaway right now for another set of these here).
Here is a more detailed picture of them.
I finally got around to putting together this fabulous Read! Build! Write! mats from Homeschool Creations. I think that Annabelle will really like this.
I am linking up to Preschool Corner, Montessori Monday, and Pinterest Tuesday. These are great link-ups to find some great ideas. Stop by and visit them! Happy blogging.



  1. What fun phonics games- you're so creative Jess!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful phonics ideas. We are just at the beginning point but I've pinned a bunch of them on Pinterest.

    Visiting from over at Preschool Corner!

  3. great phonics fun! we are slowly but surely tackling reading & my daughter was very hesitant & worried at first but she has really gotten into it. We do lots of fun hands-on activities and I try to keep it light, encouraging & fun.

    Good luck to you & I would love to invite you to the Sunday Showcase -


  4. Lots of phonics stuff! I don't have anyone at this stage right now (strangely!) but I have made mental notes. Thanks!



  5. I really like that you prepared activity trays for your phonics activities. And I love that you used objects for the "read" part of the read build write mats! Have you seen the moveable alphabet/phonics materials from Montessori Print Shop? They're wonderful, and there are even some great ones on the free downloads page!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.

    Good luck, and just have fun! There really isn't pressure for your daughter to read at her age. Don't be afraid to follow her interests in finding activities she enjoys.

  6. I love the CVC cards, found you on Pinterest. Can I ask where you go them?

    1. This is going to be really unhelpful, but I found them randomly at a garage sale. :/ Probably not the answer that you were hoping for....sorry. I just looked at them and they don't even have a brand name on them so I'm not even sure who makes them. Thank you for stopping by and visiting and asking!