Monday, September 26, 2011

Tot School: Camping/Bears

We have had a lot of fun over the past couple weeks working on our camping/bear theme. If you are interested in seeing all of our trays please visit this post. It will give you the links to make your own trays too!

Asa loved his bear counting tray. He wanted to do this one daily.
We worked on his pre-writing skills....still needs practice. :) He worked so very hard on these. It made me smile to watch him. He wants to read and write so much!
I love Silas' face. Working hard to get those bears on the top of the pencils.
He liked matching the sleeping bags and the pillows. He still insists that every single color is yellow.
Working on the numerical order puzzle.
Painting logs....
Jude (my sweet nephew) was over helping with this craft.
Asa helped me make a yummy s'more snack......
....did I mention it was yummy?
This is the finished campfire.
We had a 'camping picnic' with our little campfire, s'more snack, and some Bambi.
This game got played a few times during the week too. (It is the dice graphing game).

Asa's squirrel with a bushy tail.
I saw the CUTEST idea ever on a blog a week or so ago (forgot to pin it....let me know if you know whose blog it is so I can give them some link love). We had an indoor bear hunt. I set it up during nap time so it was all ready to go when the littles woke up.

This is the long, wavy, grass....

The river....

The ooey, gooey mud (they had to tiptoe around the tape).

The dark forest....yeah, couldn't think of anything better than this.
They didn't seem to mind.

The whirling snowstorm.
Snowball fight!
The cave with our very, scary bears. lol
What this picture doesn't show you is all the screaming and running back through the story we did when that door was opened. Love my dramatic little girl. :)
Such a fun theme! Linking up to 1+1+1=1 Tot School. Head over there to find other fun ideas to do with your tots. Happy blogging.

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  1. What a fun idea with the bear hunt! I will have to file this one away for when Monkey Girl is a bit older. Not sure she'd get the whole idea yet, but it sounds like your kiddos had a blast!

  2. looks like so much fun and loving the bear hunt!! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that picture of the kids sitting by the campfire. They look like they know they are sitting by some paper tubes :) It looks like you had a fun day.

  4. This is our all time favorite book! i used to read it to my younger siblings growing up and now i read it almost daily to my girls. It was the first book I bought the day i found out i was pregnant! Now im excited for naptime to set this up for them. Thanks! Glad you posted a giveaway so we found you!

  5. Ok, first, your kiddos must think you are the coolest mom ever! I am totally pinning that bear hunt idea for when we read it with B4FIAR after Christmas (we are officially starting preschool then!). Also, Silas and my Cami must be close in age because they both make that adorable thinking face with those adorable chunky cheeks and two, Cami thinks everything is the color yellow as well!! And that smores treat looks sooo yummy right now! :)