Friday, November 18, 2011

Woodlands: Porcupines & Deer

We had 2 short weeks here so our lessons for those weeks kind of got combined together. We are in the Woodlands now and are really enjoying it. There are a LOT of outdoor activities in this unit. I wish we had gotten to it a little sooner than what we did.

We started out discussing what types of animals live in a woodland environment. These were the animals that Annabelle came up with.
We talked some about porcupines. I made chocolate play dough (which didn't turn out quite right...oh well) and she used it, toothpicks, and google eyes to make a porcupine.
We think it turned out quite cute!
Then in honor of hunting season we discussed deer (actually it is really just a coincidence...deer was the next scheduled animal). :) Fun conversation we had about deer:
Me: Annabelle what are deer antlers for?
Annabelle: Wrestling for girls
Me: Good listening!
Annabelle: Mommy, if they share the girls they wouldn't have to wrestle.
(Awkward silence as I try to think about what to say to that lol).

Working on her animal notebook with the great lapbooking components from Homeschool Share.
Finished deer lap book.

We are also talking a lot about trees right now too. This is our "Tree" that we are going to be observing throughout the year. It is right in our back yard. I kind of like this tree. When we first moved to this house the leaves were all spotted and ugly. In the fall the leaves would just turn brown and fall off. Then this summer I noticed there were hardly any little black spots on the leaves. It turned a very gorgeous shade of yellow this year! I was pretty excited about it. Someone told me it is probably getting better because we've been taking care of the yard and raking the leaves away from it the past 2 years. I like to think that it is getting healthier in our care. :)
We did some bark rubbing on the trees in our yard.
We also picked up a couple of leaves from our tree and did some leaf pretty....I do not know why we haven't done this before.
Doing math and LOVING every minute of it!
My favorite part of the last couple weeks? Teaching Annabelle how to wash dishes. She has done this 3 times in the past couple weeks. It will be nice when she's good enough at it that I don't have to inspect every dish she washes (by then she won't want to do dishes anymore lol).
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  1. too bad I didn't see this earlier, we just finished up the woods unit. I like your porcupine idea. I don't remember seeing that in the guide.

  2. i washed the dishes without asa the other night and he said "i wike cweaning your dishes too miss beff" :)

  3. Great week. Thanks for sharing. What was Annebelle doing with all the tags with numbers? You have inspired me to contemplate teaching my 4 1/2 to dry the dishes.