Monday, November 21, 2011

Tot School: Farm Frenzy

We had a couple of short weeks so we made our Farms theme last for 2 weeks instead of just 1. If you missed the farm tray post you can find it here for more details about the trays (and other trays that might not be included in this recap).

Asa working on the vegetable garden activity.
How Many Spots counting tray.
On the farm/Not on the farm tray sort. Apparently I only took pictures Asa one day this theme. lol
Working with the farm patterning animals.
Outlining the letter Gg with stickers. This boy is obsessed with stickers.
We also started Saxon Math K this last week. He has really enjoyed it. He is always begging me for more school work to do.
It's a trap....for the boy and girl that keep stealing the kids toys. Explanation: When the kids can't find one of their toys (because they misplaced them) they blame it on a little boy and girl that come to our house when they aren't looking and take all their things. :)
The next lesson we worked with exploring counting bears.
Silas really enjoyed the color sorting tray this week.
The magnets were another one of his favorites.
I was surprised that he worked on this veggie garden activity for so long. I was even more surprised to find that he was matching the numbers on them! Yes, this boy can apparently count to 11 without missing a number. When he picked that up I have no are pretty amazing.
Silas did his farm puzzles.....and then one by one threw them off the table. He is such a stinker....and LOVES to makes messes.
This was by far his favorite tray. He loved matching his farm Little People to the vocabulary cards.
He also really enjoyed his dot markers....of course.

I got this cute idea from Honey Bee Books. I saved up some milk jugs and then the kids painted them and turned them into farm animals....

They are supposed to be a cow, pig and a horse.....the pig lost an ear...but he does have a cute little curly cue tail that you can't see in this picture.
Silas really enjoyed playing with these while they lasted (....about 25min. lol).
The boys had a fun time with farm themed sponge capsules.

I laid them out to dry and then we painted with them a couple of days later.

Good times. We are taking it easy this week. We'll be doing a couple of Thanksgiving activities but not much else besides that. If I don't get back before Thursday the happiest of Thanksgiving's to all of you! Happy blogging.


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  1. I love your milk jug farm animals! I am alsways trying to think of ways to re-use our containers:) thanks for sharing