Thursday, December 1, 2011

Way to long of a break: Christmas Play dough

So, it has been WAY to long since my last post. Sorry to all of my friends who missed me. :) We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and I hope that all of you did as well. Getting back into the swing of things here. Working on Dec. tot trays and quickly finishing up what we need to for Annabelle so that we can have a lovely Christmas least from Animal Worlds...we'll probably do math, reading, phonics (things that need to be more repetitive so that she doesn't forget them).

We've had a couple mishaps the last week and a half. One includes an entire bottle of syrup, and the other includes a broken TV. Zak has decided not to replace the TV at the moment as a lesson/punishment to the kids to stop throwing things. So needless to say I've been really busy keeping the kids busy these last few days. I always said I wanted to watch less TV, so I guess now is the perfect opportunity to enforce that and start new habits.

One thing I did manage to make was our Christmas play dough. Isn't it pretty? I rolled in some glitter, and it smells like peppermint. My go to play dough recipe is from My Montessori Journey.
The kids have been having fun with it. This first day they played with it for almost 2 hours!!

Annabelle showing off her creation.....I have no idea what it is. lol
Asa made a Christmas tree and decorated it with jewels.
Silas thought it was hilarious to try to eat it.
This is his fun creation.
This fun time freed me up to be able to do some shipping work that needed to be done. Thanks play dough!!
Happy blogging!

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  1. Super Pretty Playdoh! The kid's punishment sounds more like a Mom-punishment! That happens sometimes doesn't it? I'm glad you are making the best of it! I bet as time goes by they will get better and better at playing by themselves. That's what happens here when we shut off the TV for a long time. Off to fold clothes!!

  2. those playdough creations would make lovely gifts.....hint hint hint :)

  3. I can't wait to see your Christmas activities!! You always have great ideas!!! Also sending hugs your way on the mishaps. Must have been frustrating days! But don't be discouraged because you are one amazing mom!!!

  4. Beautiful play dough! My kids would love it. I have always wanted to make some scented...and with glitter. Maybe our Christmas break needs some Christmas play dough.

  5. Hi there! Found you on the Preschool Corner Link up! That play dough looks like so much fun! This activity would be great for my new linky party over at my blog, Thrifty Thursday. I'd love for you to stop by and check it out, and link up if you'd like! (p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The name Silas! It was my #1 name when I had my Son, but my husband liked Everett more, so we have an Everett. It is still my #1 if we have another boy!

  6. There is a difference between to and too.
    Too being too much of something.
    Way too long of a Christmas break.

  7. Thank you anonymous for pointing that out! I do know the difference....was just trying to get a post done quickly and didn't proof read. Blogging is a hobby for me and sometimes hobbies get thrown in between what little time I have taking care of 3 littles. :)

    I think I'm going to leave it the way it is though....just so I can remember that I'm not perfect and it is more than ok to make a mistake.