Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Countdown

I know that the book countdown has been seen out there in blog world a lot this year. I actually have wanted to do this since last year when I first saw it on Counting Coconuts. So during garage sale season I geared up to find some fantastic Christmas books. I did fairly well. I found a few that are really above their level so I put those aside for later years. I only ordered 5 off amazon and ebay. So I had 20 decent ones! I threw in a couple of snow ones that aren't necessarily about Christmas....I really couldn't justify buying more than 5 books at once. I'll have to wait until next garage sale season to see if I can find more. :)
I wanted to give you my book list in case any of you are interested....I'm a nerd (or maybe just nosy) and always like knowing what other people are reading. I also provided the link in case you want to see them. :)

1) Counting to Christmas 2) The Story of Christmas 3) The Tale of Three Trees 4) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 5) Christmas in the Barn 6) Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear 7) Come and See 8) The First Night (can't find a link) 9) Christmas in the Big Woods 10) Legend of the Candy Cane 11) The Snowy Day 12) How the Grinch Stole Christmas 13) White Snow, Bright Snow
14) One Baby Jesus 15) The Polar Express 16) The Little Drummer Boy 17) God Gave Us Christmas 18) Room for a Little One 19) Over the River and Through the Woods (didn't find a link) 20) Humphrey's First Christmas (pretty excited about this one) 21) Look Who is Coming to our House 22) A Star for Jesus 23) The Animals Christmas Eve 24) The Night Before Christmas (this is not the exact one we have, but I'm sure they are all the same). 25) The First Christmas According to Luke (for some reason the link is not showing up...sorry)

Sidenote #1: We don't really 'do' Santa. Not that I have anything against him...we treat him like a fun fictional character (like fairies, Cinderella, and talking toys)

Sidenote #2: I had no idea that Over the River and Through the Woods was a Thanksgiving song! I always related it to Christmas. lol

This is our other advent calendar. Each day a box is opened and we hang the character on the hook and read a little bit of the part they played in the first Christmas. :)
Happy blogging!


  1. We're doing this too. I only ended up with 14 books, but I figure I can fill in with some library books when needed.

  2. why on earth didn't you have me look for books silly?