Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Gift....

Just wanted to quick write up a post to say that I hope every single one of you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!! We had a fun-filled one too. I've been a little scarce lately for a few different reasons. 1) It's Christmas....we've been away a lot! 2) Zak has had Dec. 22-Jan. 2 off of work so we've just been spending lots of time as a family. 3) My really fun Christmas surprise has been keeping feeling gross the past week or so......

We are thrilled about this! I am almost 9 weeks along....and the 'morning' sickness just reminds me that there is a healthy little one growing inside me. :) This is our 4th and most likely FINAL I am relishing every moment of this pregnancy (yes, even the sick

Right now we're getting ready to go away on our annual anniversary trip (thank you mom and dad for taking the kids for us and making it possible!!). 7 years sure did fly by. We've both learned so much and have both grown from our marriage....and still have much more growing to accomplish in the next 7 years (and after!) ;)

Anyway, don't lose faith in this little blog. I will be back in a week with more schooling posts. I'll be starting Before Five in a Row with Asa and Silas (tot trays will be based on the books). I've been working on them so it should be fun. I was going to start with The Snowy Day, but seeing how we have no snow I may have to rethink that! :)

Happy blogging!



  1. Oh Yay! I'm so happy for you! Wonderful, wonderful Christmas surprise! Have a great trip! We are missing the snow's so weird this year!

  2. Yay, yay, yay!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! So excited to see how you handle three and pregnancy. Because we most likely will be pregnant again soon. lol! AND I am super excited to see your B4FIAR posts! We JUST started this week and I looove it!!! :)