Monday, December 19, 2011


Before I start I want to say that I was not asked to write any of this. It is my own personal opinion, and something that has worked for us so great that I wanted to share it with you. :)

I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time to rave about the Ready2Read program that was created by Annie from The Moffatt Girls. I have only great things to say about this program. We have officially completed 4 Units. We did two units and then would have a review week. Annabelle is absolutely flourishing using this. I started looking for something that would be more hands on for her (and help me a little more since I've never taught anyone to read). The units are very easy to put together. I would recommend checking this out if you are looking for something to teach your little one to read. I am very pleased with our results so far.

The first week was a little difficult for Annabelle as it was completely new to her and she didn't quite understand how to sound things out to make a word. She got it during our second week and she has been catching on GREAT ever since then. She loves it when we're reading a book together and I pause at a word that she knows and she gets to read it. :) She has become so confident in sounding things out she's even started to do it with words that we haven't learned yet.

I wanted to show you some things that Annabelle has been doing throughout these last 6 weeks with her reading. I recommend going to The Moffatt Girls site as her posts for each of these units is much more detailed than what I'm showing you here. Everything seen in these pictures comes from the Ready2Read Units.

Reading her word family books. We've been learning 2 word families a week.
Tracing sight words. With this program we've been learning 5 new sight words a week.
This is her favorite activity. She loves this little crack the code at the end of the week.
Word picture match. She reads the word and then matches it to the correct picture.
The same thing, only she traced the words before matching.
Each unit there are sight word mats to decorate. We've used glitter, paint, and play dough. As you can see she enjoys this. lol
Working on her sight word caterpillar.....
She reads and reviews these words every day during our calendar time.
Word family sorts are included in every unit.
This is our word family garden (sans 2 purple flowers). These represent all the words that she can read so far. She's pretty proud of this little garden.
There are a few other aspects of the program that I don't have pictures of. There are color by sight word and word family pictures. Also, color by number sight word flashcards. There is a Read/Trace/Paste sheet for each day of the week. It is a sentence that is read by the student, then traced, then cut out and pasted. Annabelle really likes them.

Just wanted to briefly share something that is working for us. :) Happy blogging!



  1. Great post. I too am using this program with my grandson (now age 5), we are just finishing up unit 6 this week. He went from not reading to reading all the time. This is the best program. You can see how I have done it (I made it more boyish) at my blog. along with his sister in preschool.

  2. It's pretty neat when reading clicks...and you're the one who taught them. Enjoy! btw I'm your newest follower :)

  3. I haven't heard of this program but my kids are a bit older and are reading. Looks like you have lots going on in your house for school. Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)

  4. Oh...WOW!! I just saw your post and you really blessed my heart!! Thank you SO much for writing this and I am so happy that your little Annabelle is doing so well with the Ready2Read program:) Yay for you Mom...good job on being her reading teacher! LOVE it! Thanks again for your honest and sweet post:)

  5. Seriously, you should start a schoolhouse and teach other people's kids too! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (Although I realize that my Annabelle may need an alias to attend..haha...just so things arent too confusing!) Your Annabelle is a beaut though! I love her bright eyes and long hair. :) Your blog is SUCH an inspiration. I hope all my other friends are living such a happy and full life as you. :) Love you Jessica.