Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Week Without TV

It wasn't quite a week....but it felt like it! I think I handled our week unplugged worse than the kids did to be honest. We didn't accomplish much in terms of kindergarten, but we did a WHOLE lot of stuff. It was fun, it was tiring, it was demanding, and we actually have been watching less TV because of it....which is nice! Would I want to do it again, no....do I feel a little whiny saying that....yes. lol All you wonderful families that don't watch TV and still accomplish everything you want to in a day are nothing short of AMAZING!!! I thought I would share a little bit of what our everyday looked like that week (and yes, we did all this stuff and more everyday....see what I mean by tiring?).

We had a great time with play dough in the mornings. I did a more extensive post here (I also received my first snide comment for this post....I left it there you can still read it). :)
We did puzzles.....Silas is doing 24 piece unframed puzzles...he's 2.5....he amazes me! (Sorry for the mommy bragging moment). Annabelle graduated to independently working on 100 piece puzzles this week. This is a picture of them all working on their puzzles.

Even Jude had a good time doing puzzles.
We played charades. Asa is an airplane...can't you tell? lol
We used the Twister mat for a lot of different little games. This one we were finding things that matched the circles color....
The finished mat.....buttons, play food....and a Christmas tree. :)
Silas loved working on this color game. He had a hard time differentiating some of the colors, but he still liked it.
We also did some of our Christmas tot trays.

I saw this really neat idea on Pinterest. It's a giant oil drip pan from Wal-Mart. I got it for $10....and voila....a giant magnet board. No more Silas getting frustrated because he can't fit all the magnets onto a cookie sheet.
We also had a good time with the felt board and the gazillion felt board shapes that I cut out for church (man was that a project!!!).
Pretty proud of their work.
One night Zak and I had a lovely Christmas tree lit picnic. It was nice. :) And yummy.....
This was our last day TV free. Actually Zak was installing it when this picture was taken. Our week without the TV gave us little moments like this that we wouldn't normally have. Just sweet little times of just being together that I really, really enjoyed.
Although I don't know if I am convicted to be completely TV free.....I do know that I used it entirely too much throughout the day to distract/babysit my littles. I would like to think that I am a little more free from that now.....it is strange how I had wanted to start using the TV less and less but never did anything about it. I really believe that in a way the Lord used this situation to really make me come to realize that we can make it through the day without it, we can accomplish things without it, and we would be a closer little family with less of it.
......but I guess our world wasn't the same without Shaun the Sheep. lol Happy blogging!



  1. Hi, I love the idea of tv free, and most days we have it on for just a couple of hours. but we have had a couple of weekends where we choose a day to be a duvet day, stay in our pyjamas and then we watched Christmas movies!! lol
    I agree with you. in moderation its fine, but it can become pointless background noise that distracts from play and conversation!

    Looks like you had so much fun and some great games to enjoy! well done you! Loving the playdough!!

  2. I'm cracking up! People are so funny, the things they pick at! It doesn't matter how many times I proof read my posts, I always find something later. Oh well! Real life is being tongue-tied and mixing up your verb tense agreement and even verbal misspellings! Grace! We need grace and we need to give it! Your week looked awesome! Such happy memories you are making with your children!

  3. We are trying to limit our tv viewing too but have yet to go without it for more than a day or two! I have three little ones too so I know how hard that is to do! Sounds like you did alot to keep busy though! I love the twister mat idea! Oh, and by the way, I think the way you handled the rude commenter was great! I love that you kept the title the same! Just keepin' it real, right? LOL! God bless!