Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kindergarten Catch-up Post

Wow! It's really been a while since I updated what Annabelle was doing in school. We are still having a lot of fun. We did have to slow down in Dec/Jan due to me not feeling well. We pretty much stayed on track with all her important things (math, phonics, reading). We slacked off on the Animal Worlds. It was just too overwhelming for me during that time. We really just needed to get the bare minimum done. We pushed through and we are on the other side. We FINALLY finished up our woods unit. Unfortunately due to lost time we will be skipping the Arctic Tundra unit and head right into the Desert Unit, followed by the Rainforest, and if we have time we will wrap it up with the Ocean.

Anyway, onto what we have been doing the last month and a half.....

Our last Woods week was based on owls.

The highlight of this week was probably dissecting the owl pellet. I was thoroughly grossed out (I don't know why, I loved dissecting things when I was younger). Annabelle thought it was so cool. I really love that she is girly, but not afraid to get dirty and play hard.
Pulling a bone out.
Annabelle and Asa examining all the bones that we found.
Their favorite was the full skull. I was pretty impressed with that myself. We came to the conclusion that these bones were most likely from a mouse.
She really enjoys making these little animal crafts. She's been playing with this owl since she made it.

We had a fun activity that we did for Animal worlds. We fed the squirrels...and they got a gourmet feast....peanuts (with a few almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts mixed in). Zak's reaction to this activity..."You're going to set this project up in our neighbor's yard right?" Nope, we did it in our yard. :)
This was our first of many visitors. He was so fun to watch. He would grab a nut, go bury it, and then come back for more. Annabelle named him Squirrely (quite original right?).

Plugging away at Ready2Read and still loving it. There are 8 units in level 1 and we've been doing one unit and stretching it over 2 weeks. She gets overwhelmed with reading quickly so I thought it was important just to take our time with it. Here she is pin poking her sight words. This activity was requested by her when she saw Asa working on his letter of the week.
Word family sort.
She is also starting to read her little beginner readers. She thinks it's pretty cool that she is reading 'real' books.
She really, really likes her Explode the Code 1 book. I really like that it is giving her a TON of confidence with her reading skills.
Patterning work in math.
Snow play dough. I made this for the little guys theme, but she enjoyed it just as much. Her favorite Toob figures were the Eskimos and the igloo.
We had snow for about 2 weeks here in MI (it's low 40s now and the snow is gone!). They were outside quite a bit while it was here though. This is one of the days that they played with their colored water spray bottles. So much fun!
I hope everyone else is having a great winter! Even though my posts were absent I've been still keeping up with others and enjoying what everyone else is doing! Happy blogging.


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  1. I didn't know you guys where in MI. We are in the Lansing area. Crazy warm winter. :) Love your blog. I think owl pellets would be a blast!

  2. Love seeing what others are doing. Where did you get your owl pellets? I'd like to include this activity in our upcoming Oo unit.

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