Friday, February 24, 2012

Schooling Consistently

I have a might shock some of you or maybe it's more normal than I think in the homeschool world.... I have a serious problem with schooling consistently (or doing anything consistently for that matter....except garage saling). I started chalking it up to having 3 kids ages 5, 4 (in 2 weeks!), and 2.5 (3 in June). By consistently I mean every single day, at the same time, getting everything done. Anyway, what do all you awesome ladies do to stay on track and focused...especially if you have little ones planning a mutiny while you're trying to get something done with another one. I would LOVE my days to be a little more ordered and routine....more predictable. Maybe I'll get there someday, maybe it's just the phase of life we are at right now, maybe my kids are just little monsters and no one else has this :)

We started a new unit this week in Animals and Their Worlds. We have trekked to the desert (a cactus desert to be exact). We didn't do the animal of the week this week because it was a chameleon (and they live in the rainforest so I didn't want Annabelle to be confused). We actually had a lot of fun reading and discussing this week. I finally gave myself permission to let go of the fact that there are just some activities we are not going to be able to accomplish this time around....that it's ok, I'll be able to do them the next time! :) The bad picture above is of some of the animals/plants we'll be taking a closer look at in this unit. Annabelle saw the tarantula and said, "I will NEVER live in a desert!"

We had a good friend move back from New Mexico and she brought the kids cactus seeds. We planted them this week to see if we could actually grow some....
It says the ideal climate would be 75F. Zak won't let me turn up the heat...his logical idea was to wait and plant them until summer. I said that it doesn't fit with our school unit then.... our thinking is so different sometimes! lol
For some reason I took a lot of Math pictures this week. We are moving right along, and we will be done with Saxon K before the end of March. After that we will continue with the Horizons K that I had originally planned on at the beginning of the year. We will do that through out the summer to keep her thinking! :)

This week we worked with buying things with pennies and dimes.
Recognizing/counting/ordering numbers 0-20
AND we played some with our pattern blocks. I really like Saxon's pace. I do believe that K is more of a preschool math level, but I really like that they don't push such high ideals on her age level. I think because of this she looks forward to math everyday instead of fighting it (like her reading at times).
Ready2Read unit 6 word family sorting activity.
In spite of my first paragraph we actually were able to do school pretty consistently this week. The boys were slightly neglected during our school time, but I think if I can get a routine down for Annabelle I will better know what to do with the boys during that time. I am a perfectionist in some areas and this happens to be one of them. I think if I get one routine perfect (or what I would view as perfect...definitely not perfect by many standards) it will be easier for me to add something else into the routine. Just trying to add a little peace and order to our self proclaimed chaos (that I really LOVE for the most part). Happy blogging!


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  1. I have noticed that each year I get a little better on the consistency. We may not be quite on track, and usually lose one day each week to errands, but we are better off than last year and considering Aaron has finished some things this week that took the other two a whole year I have to be doing way better than when I started, lol. Hang in there as they all get older it gets better.

  2. i think your approach is pretty much how i see many Home ed families working, and i think that's what is so lovely about home ed. its feasibility!

    Oh and i don't know if this helps with your desert animal theme.... but we have a new pet if you want to come look!


  3. With three kids 5 and under I'd say you're doing well if everyone is awake, fed, and has some kind of clothing on! Any schoolwork is just a bonus, lol.

    We loved Animals and Their Worlds when my daughter was that age. I'm thinking we may do it with my preschool sidekick for school next fall if I can find a secondhand copy.

  4. I love that pattern block idea you posted, although it's still too advanced for my little guy, definitely want to tuck it away for the future.

    Also wanted to let you know I passed on the One Lovely Blog award to you. You can read about it here if you like:

  5. they are NOT monsters :) they are ANGELS :):)

  6. It gets somewhat easier as they get older. Yours are so young that it's not as big a deal. 7 years in and we still have times of inconsistentcy. Don't think of it as being inconsistent. Think of it as a "flexible schedule." =o)

    I only have 2 (11 & 4) and since the oldest is in fifth grade I have to be pretty consistent. The large age span between the girls can be challenging since they clearly can't work together. lol What I do is work with my four year old first, while my oldest does independent work. Giving the little one some focused attention first thing fills her "love/attention tank" so that she's more apt to play independently for a while while I work with her sister.

    After the little one does her "school" she has 3 toys from our school-only stash that she can play with. These I rotate out weekly. A sensory bucket also keeps her occupied pretty well. And I'm not above using the tv if I need it. At our house all read alouds done by mom are completed at nap time. And most science experiments. My youngest is nothing if not loud so no sense in me trying to read while she's on the loose. lol

    For you, since your children are closer in age, I'd try including the little ones in some of the activities that they are able to participate in.

    Popping in from pre-k corner

  7. I think you do such an awesome job, Jess! But I do completely understand how you feel, because I feel very much the same way. And we haven't even started our preschool yet! I fear my inconsistency is going to be huge problem with homeschooling. Hubby and I have talked about whether or not we are sure we want to do this, but to me, there is no other option. It's biblical and I know in my heart it's what God wants for us. I also know that God will grow me tremendously through the process. It's just one more thing I add to my list when keeping the mindset that we are running the good race. It's not supposed to be easy. So keep up the good work and when you have a bad day... just get up and keep trying! I feel like my girls have already learned to be good forgivers AND apologizers. Because I am always apologizing for losing my temper or not spending enough time with them. You are an awesome mom, Jess. Praying and thinking of you!!

  8. You did so much in one week! I would step back and take a look at just how much you accomplish in a week, instead of worrying about every day. Your children are still young enough that they don't "need" school every day, if something better comes along or they have plans of their own. I think at this age it's good to have plans of something to do, and then see how your day goes. If they are busy playing together, using their imaginations, etc. then I wouldn't interrupt them in order to do school... some days school just won't happen! When they are older you will have a bit more structure out of necessity, so enjoy these days while you can! :) You are doing a WONDERFUL job!!