Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These Moments......

I have been down for the count with a cold this week....Wednesday was my low point. I actually had a fever and couldn't taste any food (so very sad!). I had to take a sick day. There was no way my 50lb head (that's how heavy it feels) was going to be able to do anything productive.

Asa had a different thought. This boy must be so school deprived since I haven't been doing as much with him lately while I'm trying to get Annabelle's routine down. I am getting him an actual curriculum next year cause he DESPERATELY wants to do school......every day. all day.

So when I told Asa there wasn't going to be any school today he promptly went to work developing his very own activity. Annabelle and Asa both really enjoyed it.
The object is to put a bead in every spot.....this kept these 2 busy for nearly an hour. They had so much fun and worked hard together.
After they were done playing it as a game they made a beautiful picture together and colored it all in. I really love all the colors.
I also went through a whole box of tissue (and yes, my nose looks like Rudolph's). Annabelle thought it was such a shame that I had no pretty tissues. She made a special one just for me....but not to use, just to look I will always remember the wonderful day that I used an entire box of tissue.
These things made me smile on a day that I thought my head was going to explode. lol Happy blogging!



  1. hope your on the mend! Love the picture. that reminded me of the pictures i used to do as a child. make squiggles across the page and colour in the sections. will have to show my boys this little activity and re-live my childhood lol!!

  2. It will be so nice to look back at these pictures when you illness is just a memory!

  3. brilliant children- that's what i'm always telling you :)

  4. Jessica, I love you and your family. You are some of the coolest people I know. Your kids are awesome -- just like you. Can't wait to see you Friday night! Love you, Aunt Robin