Friday, March 2, 2012

Kindergarten Happenings

Another week consistently done (YEA!!). We learned a little about Komodo dragons/lizards this week. Our cactus project was sadly destroyed so we will never know if we could've grown our own cactus. We are however planning on buying a cactus plant soon so that we can at least observe and take care of it.

Annabelle worked really hard on this drawing. I think it turned out great. I love his wings the most (the little black things on his back).
We made a Komodo dragon. We used the bubble wrap method (cause it's a technical method lol). Just paint the bubble wrap and stamp it onto what you want painted. It leaves a really cool bumpy looking texture.

This is Asa doing Annabelle's math lesson. Annabelle worked on sorting things by length this week. The constant was an unsharpened pencil everything was either longer than or shorter than it. Almost done with Saxon K (I think I said that last week)....and then we'll move onto Horizons K.
We also talked about dental health. She helped out with a little experiment. To read more about it visit this post.
After we stained the eggs we did our best to brush them clean.
I love this little worksheet because she spelled the bears name all by herself. Ranbo Brit (Rainbow Brite).....apparently Fred isn't an appropriate name for a multi-colored bear (Fred was the worksheet's name for the bear).
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  1. I've never seen that bubble wrap painting before....FUN!

    I just printed up some stuff for a Dental unit and I love your ideas! I really like a lot of your ideas and am now a follower! Found you through Preschool Corner...

  2. Good idea to brush the eggs. Love it! I have a kindergarten daughter too and they are fun, fun, fun at this age!

  3. Our kids have loved brushing the eggs. :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Oh how cute that dragon is. Must pin.

  5. I think Ranbo Brit is a MUCH better name for a teddy bear than Fred!