Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Trays

I think the trays turned out decent, but these are horrible pictures. Story of this blogs life. Someday maybe I'll get a camera that doesn't think that just because it is before 5pm doesn't mean that the flash doesn't need to be on....maybe someday....

Cutting activities. 2 different levels....this one is obviously for Asa. Totally nabbed this idea from The Princess and the Tot who always has phenomenal tray ideas. I put some stickers on there for him to decorate with after he was done cutting the hearts out.
Silas is just starting to be able to use the scissors well enough to cut. I thought I would give him a few strips to just go at for some practice. This keeps him busy for a fair amount of time....kind of like it used to keep Asa busy for a long grow up way to fast!
Spooning/1 to 1 tray. This one is mainly for Silas. He liked this tray last year so we will see what he thinks of it this year.
Shape sorting. This was my favorite little tray from last year (and the littles liked it too). The little boxes are from The Dollar Tree. The big buttons are from Oriental Trading Company.
These are cupcake toppers turned into a fun little 'pin pushing' activity. For some reason Asa and Silas always LOVE these types of trays.
Sorry for the glare. These heart containers are from the Dollar Tree. There are enough hearts (table scatter from Target Dollar Spot I think) in the cup to correspond with each container.
I had these little bracelets from last year and had no idea what to do with them. Monkey Toes Montessori mentioned that I should use them for tracing. I thought I would take her up on the idea....especially since I still had no idea what to do with them. lol
Rose soap tweezing. Put a rose into each circle (the roses are from the Dollar Tree).
This is another idea that I've been wanting to do that I have seen several times on The Princess and the Tot. Asa absolutely LOVES stickers so I think that he will enjoy this. The object is to put a heart sticker onto every little heart on the paper.
Last year I printed out these hearts from Musings of Me. I know that she has had many unfortunate issues with clip art so I am not sure if these are still available. I think that they would be very easy to make with construction paper and a marker though!
These are some special activities that we will be doing specifically on Valentine's Day. This first printout is from 2 Teaching Mommies. The other two are from Musings of me and I am not sure if they are still available.

Sorting and graphing.
Filling the spaces with candy hearts (could also be a roll and cover type game).
How many kisses does Valentine bear get? Yummmmm kisses!!
I hope that all of you out there in blog land have a wonderful LOVE filled week! Happy blogging.


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