Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moments To Remember

Over these past 9 weeks while dealing with morning sickness I have had many not very good, attentive mommy moments. Some days it was an accomplishment if I actually got the littles all. lol Needless to say the teacher was absent and there was no substitute. There were even days where I thought how lovely it would be if my littles ones were in school (or at least stricken with laryngitis so that it would be quiet in my house). I will say that my littles were champs during this time of 'mommy is trying to grow a baby...please do not invade my bubble'. They really pulled through and played together a lot and really made me smile with how cooperative they were with each other....even when they didn't want to be.

I would often check on them to find them all playing nicely together. The play food was a huge hit this month. Weird how something that's been there forever that they really didn't pay much attention to in ages all the sudden became their favorite toy. Annabelle said, "Cheers!"
Silas eating a 'gackle' (apple).
This day they were playing dress-up. Annabelle was the princess (of course). Asa was the prince (love the pajama pants Mr. Prince), and Silas was the cutest little dragon that I think I've seen in quite a while.
Good times.....
This happened to be a frustrating day for me (even though the kids are dressed). Silas has been nap resistant for a few months now (I'm not ready for him not to have naps). This day I put him back in bed close to 10 times before giving up. He promptly snuggled into the chair with me and fell fast asleep. It's amazing how the Lord knows exactly what you need when you need it. I really needed his sweet snuggles that day. I sat in that chair until I thought my bladder would

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