Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forgotten Curriculum.....

So in my excitement about my curriculum I forgot the most important piece that we will be using this year!! Our Bible curriculum! I cannot believe I forgot to include it considering this is one of the major reasons we are homeschooling.

I chose to go with Bible Study Guide for All Ages. This is an amazing guide that is part of a 4 unit curriculum (at what I think is a decent price). Each unit could easily take a year or more depending on how fast you want to move through it. My favorite part of this curriculum is that once you go through it you can repeat the entire curriculum at a completely different level.

This is the colorful Beginner Time Line that we purchased to go along with the curriculum.

There are 3 different levels of student activity pages that you can purchase. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This is a picture of one of the beginner pages.
I am very impressed with this curriculum and really look forward to starting. It is something that I would even just recommend to a family who isn't homeschooling but looking to study the Bible together. Happy blogging!



  1. Wow, this looks awesome! And the price is really good! Thanks for sharing. :) And thanks for getting back to me!! I really appreciate it! That is so awesome about the sonlight curriculum! I think if we pinched some pennies and used some of the money from Bryan's ebay sales, we could really afford some quality curriculum. I just think Bryan doesn't want to do that if we can get it free through the virtual school. He is ok with buying a Bible curriculum. I don't know. So many decisions! I can't wait to see your garage sale finds, though. :) I miss Mrs. Taffy's link up!