Monday, March 12, 2012

Tot Trays: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

This week we will be diving into If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and working on the letter C...and we get to have Famous Amos cookies in the house (I thought that was worthy enough to take a picture of them right next to the book....yum).
I found this image from google, made it as big as I could and then cut out his that we could feed him cookies. The cookie numbers are made from construction paper....
....and just in case you were wondering what a mouse's stomach looks like....
I made construction paper ABC cookies as well. I thought Asa might enjoy matching the stickers to the right cookie. I was right....he has been asking constantly about this tray since he saw me putting it together.
I Spy Circles. I thought we would go through the book with a cookie and see if we could spot all the circles.
This is a shadow match game (found here)....this is good for Silas. For Asa I thought it would be more fun/challenging to look through the book and find the actual
I made it a tray activity.
I made cookies out of cardboard and their chips are either red, blue, or green. The object is to pick up the cookie with the spatula and put it on the correct plate. This is more for Silas, but I think that Asa will like it too.
Cookie match. These are just a whole bunch of clip art cookie pictures.
AND of course we have to play with our Oreo cookie shape match game. This is always a favorite when it's out.
My inspiration came from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. She has some really fun ideas that got me thinking about these trays. Looking forward to a fun week! Happy blogging.


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  1. I love your activities! Definitely want to remember these ideas for future reference.