Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tot School: If you Give a Mouse a Cookie

We spent the last week and a half going through the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. If you want to see the trays in more detail that we used for this visit this post.
Matching alphabet stickers to the correct cookie. Asa LOVED this activity and worked on it a throughout the week.....
This boy is a sticker maniac. lol
I would say that the Oreo cookie game was Silas' favorite activity.
He had so much fun putting them together and then building towers. One big tower.....
... Three little towers. He was so cute I couldn't resist posting all these pictures. I can never get him to look at the camera and smile.
He also really liked the sorting cookies by colors.

He was pretty excited he could move the cookies with the spatula all by himself.
Feeding the mouse cookies was a hit! I think it was because they used real cookies....then they got to eat them after the activity was done.
Silas patiently (yeah right) waiting his turn in the background.
Finally his turn. He was really cute. He would name the number and then put in one cookie and move onto the next number.
Felt board cookie match.
This was a simple fun art activity. Mix brown paint and glue together on a paper plate and paint the plate.....
....Put on sprinkles (3 hole punched construction paper).....
Finished product. Cookie with sprinkles.
Asa used the story cards to find the matching objects in the pictures of the story.
He also drew a sweet picture of his family just like the little mouse did in the book. Although originally he just wanted his family to be Mommy, Asa, and Silas....he eventually decided that Daddy and Annabelle should be in the picture too..... wonder if I'm supposed to read into that at all.....

I wanted to make cookies with them, but it is warm (not that I'm complaining!), we have no AC....I'd rather keep the house as cool as possible. I really want to do a laundry theme we'll see if I can figure out a book to go with it.... Happy blogging!


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  1. Thanks Jessica for posting. We enjoy seeing what the Hakala children are doing and watching their progress. Love the pitures. Love to you all.
    Grandpa Smith

  2. I love how you connected the book with so many fun activities! We'd love for you to share this on our LOVE Books page, a Resource for Parents and Teachers of Books with Activities all in one place!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! I love all the ideas. And brilliant to mix pretend cookies with occasional real ones; it would be pretty cruel to do it without ANY cookies, but I can't imagine all the cookies they'd down if they were all real!! :D