Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moments To Remember: Hello Kitty Lunch Party

What do you do when your kids find the party decorations that you forgot to use for your daughter's birthday party? Have a fun lunch party of course. The kids were so excited to see all of these Hello Kitty items when they opened a drawer one day. I bought them at a garage sale for $2 I think.
It really just made an ordinary lunch a whole lot more fun for them.....
....AND they sat down and ate it quietly. I don't know about anyone else's house, but that is a HUGE accomplishment here.
We even had special drinks (aka Sprite).
They enjoyed this so much that I might just pick up any cheap party items like this at garage sales this year and do it every so often throughout the year. BONUS: All throw away, so no dishes.....YEA!! Happy blogging.


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  1. Brilliant! It is a huge deal if my kiddos sit and eat quietly here... thanks for this fantastic idea!

  2. i'll watch for them too :) fun :):)