Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 3

Had an alright week for garage sales.  I did manage to snag a few items on my 'to find' list.  I went out 3 days this week.  I normally only go Thurs. and Fri., but it was my birthday weekend and I splurge and go out on Sat. too.  Still getting used to this new blogger format so my pictures uploaded kind of randomly (well, just different than what I thought they would), so hang with me....there is a lot of jumping around.  Some of these prices are higher than what I would normally pay....I think it was due to my excitement that it is garage sale season, plus I feel that the kids sizes are getting more difficult to find.  At this point (boys 4T), paying $2 for a really nice pair of pants is better than paying full price for brand new.  Just wanted to add that little disclaimer.

Saturday finds:
Books....2 on the left were on my list, Big Red Barn is an extra copy (we like ours and it will most likely be destroyed soon as we read it a lot....always good to find extra cheap copies of favorites at garage sales), the body books are for Annabelle....she is absolutely fascinated with anatomy, the last one will go with our history studies this year. $2.25
A couple of maternity pieces for me (my maternity wear is slim pickings)....hoodie $5, jean skirt $1
For Asa (eventually Silas): sandals, flip flops, water shoes, 2 shirts ($5), for Silas: nice dress pants, 3 unders ($3)....p.s. Silas decided to potty train himself on Wednesday (my b-day) far so good!

Friday Sales:
For Asa: 2 shirts (.75). For Silas: 2 shirts, swim shorts, 4 pair pants, 2 sweatshirts, rain boots (9.50)
A couple boy movies for garage sale days. $4
Books 1.00 - couple Dr. books, good samaritain book....I always like to find Bible stories in picture books that way I can have another source with pictures to read to the kids...also the Rabbit book....another duplicate of a favorite.

Thursday sales:
This is for the above picture.  I went to a daycare closing sale and found some useful stuff there.  Counting bears bingo game....this will be great for color matching/recognition $1.00, discovery bugs....we already have this , but bugs are super fun :) $1.00, 3 bundles of felt with 14 sheets each $3.00 total, glitter .50, valentines with pencils....I didn't get this for the valentine factor....these guys have 16 pencils each in them with fun characters! $1.00 for both.

For Asa: 2 pair of pj's $3.00 for both, dress shirt $1.00, t-shirt .75, 2 pair of shoes $2.00
Fun shirt for me $3, really comfy lounge pants .50
Found this really great picnic blanket with matching bag. $5.00.  I've been carrying the bag through the mom2mom sales and block sales I've been going to this weekend....pretty convenient.
Really nice (felt like brand new) princess blanket.  I wanted to give this to Annabelle for Christmas or her b-day, but she saw it and confiscated it before I had the chance to hide it. .50
Crooked picture....sorry.... 2 shirts, pair of comfy capris, pair of pjs $5.
4 summer dresses, comfy pants, t-shirt 3 shorts, rain boots $7.50
Grand Total: $66.25

I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull.  Head over there to see her finds of the week.



  1. Wow! You did find some real nice things. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Funny! I just sold my Discovery Toys Bug Game because the bugs grossed me out. I couldn't stand seeing Laffy Taffy playing with those spiders! lol I'm looking for rubber boots too, they are always so expensive around here!

    I'm so glad you found some nice things for yourself!

    Next week is a city-wide sale for me. I'm so excited! Thanks for linking up!! :)

  3. great finds- nothing to re-sell tho?
    am so proud of silas!

  4. I love your find of the blanket with matching bag...would be great for a picnic! Nice treasures!

  5. The bug game is on my list of wants!! Great find! I love the clothes you found for Asa in picture 8, very cute!!