Monday, May 7, 2012

Tot School: Laundry

We had a fun couple of weeks completing our laundry unit. We have been taking a couple weeks to do each unit as opposed to a week, but no worries. I want these guys to enjoy learning for as long as possible and not feel pressured. So far they both beg to do school...I wonder how long that will last? lol  If you are interested in seeing links to print outs and the trays in more detail go here.

Silas really enjoyed matching the letters.  He gets confused with some of the lower case letters so this was a challenge for him, which is why I think he enjoyed it. 
Asa liked doing this too, but he preferred to only do the socks.
Coloring his shirt book from the Jesse Bear pack from Homeschool Creations.
He said if he picked out a shirt it would be the color rainbow....yes, rainbow is a color in his world.
They both LOVED these next couple of trays.  They did them over and over.....
Silas would match the socks and then want to put them on. :)
They really got into folding washcloths.  I was pretty surprised....I think it may be time for them to start doing this in real life!

 Such concentration went into this.
 This was another fun one.  I don't know why some weeks they enjoy everything and other they enjoy nothing, but I was happy that they liked all these trays (I put a lot of work into them!). 
 Working hard on some fine motor skills.
 Loving his letter L worksheets.  He got a couple books from the Dollar Tree in his Easter basket and he has been eating them up.
I'm working on throwing together our Space/Goodnight Moon unit right now.  Should hopefully be ready to start by both these guys have been asking for school the past couple of days.  Happy blogging!


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