Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures....2 Weeks Worth

Sorry that I haven't posted recently. We've been super busy and had vacation. Lots of fun things going on around here!  Anyway, no excuses right?!

So I found a really nice car seat for our new little one.  We had a garage sale last year and sold all of our baby stuff and then promptly turned around and became pregnant again so we don't have much (it's ok....I really want to go with the minimalist approach this last time around).  This is a really nice infant seat and it came with the base for $20.
Some random findings.  I paid way too much money for the Safari Gears that ended up being incomplete (I dislike it when people sell incomplete things for a high price and don't disclose that it's incomplete!).  I wouldn't have minded paying the $3 for the complete set, but it wasn't complete. :/ Oh well, live and learn.  The magnetic trucks were also $3 (there are a lot more pieces, but the boys were playing with them).  Books were .50 a piece.  Movies were $1.00
Bath toy collector (turtle) was .25 and the rock crystal growing thing was .50 and complete.  I was pretty happy with that.
I found 3 shirts for me at .75 a piece.  A few random pieces for Annabelle at .25 a piece, and a pair of pjs for .50.  I could've sworn those jammies said 4T, but after I washed them I realized they said 3T....poor Asa.
A few weeks ago I found some great NB girl clothes so this week I bought some cute NB boy clothes.  This entire picture was $4.00
This is my favorite buy of this particular week at $10.  It looks really nice in our school room!
GRAND TOTAL: Around $50.....The rug and the carseat are what did me in.

This past week was fun too.  Didn't find a ton of stuff, but at least it was easy on the budget.  I only got to go today (Saturday) so that might have helped.

The Lakeshore Learning clock was my favorite find of the day at 2.50.  It's really big, and really nice.  A What's Inside toy for $4.  It was like new and I will probably give it to the baby at Christmas.  A couple maternity shirts at $3 a pop.....I normally wouldn't pay that, but I'm pretty desperate for maternity clothes.  A boy barbie for Annabelle $1, and some great cubes that I plan on using for school purposes....unfortunately I paid $2 for them....I didn't have the heart to protest after the price was revealed (I don't like sales where nothing is priced).
 Books were .50 a piece.
 I found this great lot of glass bottles for .50 a piece and some nice receiving blankets for .25 a piece.

I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull.  If you have garage sale treasures that you want to share you should head over there and link up too. :)  Happy blogging!



  1. Okay, take it from me, a Mom to SEVEN...selling all your baby stuff is a sure way to get pregnant. Works EVERY time! lol

    I hate sales that don't price things too, what's the point? I usually just leave if they don't have things priced, that's how much I dislike them! :)

    $3.00 isn't bad...for you. Maternity clothes are important and so expensive brand new! I'm glad you found something for yourself.

    I hope you had a nice vacation Garage Sale buddy!

  2. You found some great stuff! Cute car seat and I LOVE the rug!! I can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or a girl. Glad to hear you liked the Barbie movies. Look for The Princess and the Pauper and Barbie Princess Charm School. They are the best two, IMO :).

  3. I've been having fun reading your blog! I just want to comment, though, on the car seat. Please don't use a used car seat from a garage sale! Car seats are one thing you need to buy new. I'm all for buying used whenever possible and being thrifty, I do it myself. But using a seat that you don't *know* the history of is not safe! Car seats are only good for one accident and then must be thrown out. You have no way of knowing if that seat was in an accident. Harness straps can't be submerged, but these may have been. You aren't the registered owner and won't be notified if there's a recall. And I wouldn't just go off the word of the seller. Never trust a used car seat from someone you don't trust fully with the life of your child.

  4. You and I could do some real damage if we ever garage sale shopped together!

    I agree with the minimalist baby gear idea. You want everything with the first and when the others come along you realize you need a fraction of it. live and learn.