Monday, June 4, 2012

Kindergarten Wrap-up

Despite the lack of school posts we have been plugging along.  We are mostly finished with the Rainforest portion of Animal Worlds and will be moving onto the Ocean portion.  After that we will have successfully completed AW (minus the polar region)!!  It will feel good to know that we stuck it out and completed a I know we can do it, it will be so much nicer in the upcoming years.  I think that we (Annabelle and I) have learned so much about each other this year that all our upcoming homeschool years will benefit from it.

We talked a lot about ants the past few weeks.  This wasn't a part of the curriculum, but the animals that they were studying didn't have lapbooks readily available for them.  Ants did and since we have them in our house AND the rainforest portion talks a lot about army ants and leafcutters I thought it would fit right in.  We did a notebook page study I just haven't put it together yet.  Annabelle was truly fascinated with ants....but still doesn't like them. lol   This is her pink ant that she is obviously the queen, can't you tell? :)
We talked about a lot of tropical birds, toucans in particular.  We bought a whole bunch of fruit ( I do realize that raspberries and apples aren't tropical, but those are the only fruits I knew Annabelle would eat) and had a taste test.
Annabelle's reaction to having to taste at least one of every fruit.....not too happy. lol
The boys LOVED it!  They ate the whole tray.  I learned that I do not know how to cut a mango. :)
We finished up our adventure reading for the Rainforest unit.  The book is about finding an undiscovered butterfly so that a wealthy man will buy that portion of the rainforest and save it from being cut down. 
At the end of the book I thought it would be fun if Annabelle got to make her own 'undiscovered' butterfly.  May present to you the Rapunzel butterfly..... :)
We had this little guy come and visit us at our door one day.  We've been talking about dragonflies and butterflies a lot so this was a nice was a cold morning so it hadn't warmed up yet and was easy to catch.
We observed him and then let him go.
We've also been working through our Horizons K math and All About Reading and Spelling Level 1.  It really is assisting her in becoming a stronger reader..... well as helping her enjoy reading a little bit more.  Still having her bad attitude show up, but it is becoming less and less a problem......
 ....she can read great, she just has to work at it....and she really dislikes working at something. :)  Daily reading out of the Sonlight I Can Read It readers.
 We have started her 1st grade science, Apologia Astronomy.  I LOVE this curriculum....and she is really liking it too.  They have a lot of hands on activities which she really enjoys.  We are enjoying the note booking portion of it too.

We made a model of Stonehenge and talked about what it may have been used for (telling of the seasons, when to plant, time of day)....

 I think that it turned out decent. lol
 This was our balloon model of the solar system (not really to scale...the sun would be a lot bigger than that).  It will be used for review of the planet names/order of the planets.  She really enjoyed this.
 Happily doing some Bible verse copy work for her notebook.  I was surprised that she liked doing this....normally she doesn't like to write at all.
I would say that what Annabelle is enjoying the most right now is her Bible studies.  We are using Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  I am pleased with it, I really like that it will grow with us.

This great printout of the genealogy of Jacob can be found at a great blog Our Country Road   This has really helped us with learning the names of the sons of Jacob.  She looks forward to singing the song every morning and pointing out the people on the chart.
 Working on the student page.  The Discover the Bible portion is so interactive and asks her tons of questions during the actual story so I know that she is listening and understanding.
 The boys joined us for one of our crafts.  They really wanted to get in on the coat of many colors action. :)

 Asa, Silas, and Annabelle.  Annabelle just wanted to do the coat and color the Joseph during some of our reading.
 We talked about showing favoritism.  I gave Silas a sucker before I read the Bible story and told him how much I loved him and how glad God had given him to me (right in front of Annab and Asa), then proceeded to go to read.  There was an immediate uproar.  We talked about how that made them feel, and what should be done about those feelings.  After we talked I gave them each a sucker and told them the same thing I told Silas.  It especially hit home with is really cool to see these concepts click with her.
 Our second lesson moved onto Joseph being sold into slavery.  This lesson also dealt with lying (which always needs some reinforcement in our house).
 This was our Joseph in the pit craft.  We've done this before, but it's an easy and fun one to revisit.
 This is just Annabelle who was really excited about the new desk that I found for her at a garage sale for only $2!  She says she is in 'real' school now. lol :)
That is what we've been up to the last few weeks in May.  I can officially say that Annabelle is now in between K and 1st grade.....she will tell you that she is in 1st grade though. lol My postings will probably be a little more sporadic like this during the summer.  We are really only schooling 3 days a week (sometimes 4), and with the weather being so nice it is hard to sit down and blog sometimes. :)  But I will try to post something 1-2 times a week.  I hope that everyone else is having a wonderful warm season so far!  Happy blogging.


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  1. What a great week! You have been very busy! I especially love the rainforest fruits taste testing and the model of Stonehenge!

  2. Lots of hands-on fun!!

    Popping in from the WWU

  3. I love Stonehenge, and your "favoritism" lesson was absolutely fantastic. We may do that here, too.
    Oh my goodness, I had forgotten that Jasmine lives with you ;)

    ".she can read great, she just has to work at it....and she really dislikes working at something. :)"
    Um, yeah. That's my girl too!!

    And the Rapunzel butterfly, and the Queen Ant...yeah. they are definitely cut out of the same cloth!!!

  4. I found your blog when I was looking for a Joseph teaching ideas and I saw you have a son named Asa. As do I :) He's 2.5yrs. There's not many Asa's around. God's blessings and thanks for sharing your ideas! I like the sucker idea. I'm sure it will cause a commotion here as well!