Monday, July 23, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures

This week's garage sale adventure was a lot of fun. I was pretty tight on money so I busted out my quarter stash which amounted to $31.  At first I was bummed because I knew there were a lot of great sales this week and I wouldn't be able to go to them all with only $30.  I must say that I was completely surprised with how much I did find this week.  Although I would've spent a TON more if I had the finances for it, I am very pleased with how well I did.  Everything pictured was $27 (there are a few things not pictured that are for resale)!!!

Found a couple of teacher sales (where I would've spent a FORTUNE if I had more money).  I was extremely happy with what I came out with though.  A few great books, a few craft supplies AND.....
Handwriting without Tears curriculum.  I was so super excited to find this.  It is on my current wish list.  I purchased it for...get this....$2!  Are you kidding me??  What a blessing.  Plus, the ladies there were so nice and very excited that I was using it to teach my little guys with.
I did already own the Stories From Around the World Book....mine is pocket sized so I gladly bought this full size one for $1.  It will be much nicer to read from and much easier for 3 kids to see the pictures in at the same time.
This sale there was a lady selling her little guys clothes for .25 a piece.  They were so adorable and the right size for the baby should he happen to be a boy (which for some reason I feel it may be...I convince myself that all my babies will be boys)....anyway this is 6 onsies, 3 pair of pants (to wear over onsies), and 4 nice outfits to wear out.  Also there I bought 3 containers of baby wipes for .25 a piece, and some breast pads for a quarter as well.
I was also able to find all of these clothes for the kids.  This was another sale I would've spent a TON more if I had had the funds (maybe it's a good thing I didn't have the funds lol).  Anyway, for Silas: 3 shorts, 2 shirts, a polo, and a sweater, for Asa: 2 shorts, pair of pants, 2 t-shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, and one vest, for Annabelle: 2 pair of pjs, and a pair of crocs.
I was truly, truly blessed this week.  One of my favorite weeks so far this summer because I feel that the Lord really multiplied my money (I mean this quite literally as I found several great things to sell) and led me to some fantastic finds.  Linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull.  Happy blogging!



  1. Wow, you did great! Especially for $27! What state do you live in that you have these great yard sales? I live in NH and I mostly just find junk.

  2. Jess, you did awesome for $27!! I loooove teacher sales! What are the wooden block things? Those look fun. I love to see what you and Our Country Road are buying in terms of school books and such, because it gives me such a good idea of what I need to start buying! :) I also need to start keeping a list. You are always talking about your list! Hope you are feeling well!!

  3. It was the week for great curriculum finds! $2.00!! That is amazing!!! What a blessing!!! I love when God brings us just what we need at a price we can afford, especially on homeschool curriculum. It seems to reaffirm that He wants me to homeschool. BTW, I have been known to break out the penny stash if desperate enough. You have a lot of quarters!

  4. I love seeing what you get. Very cool.