Monday, July 16, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures

Thursday was a much better sale day than Friday here, which surprised me because normally it's the other way around.  There were TONS of good sounding sales on Friday, I must have picked the wrong ones to go to.  I will say that Friday did not start off on a good note when 2 of the very first sales I stopped at weren't open.  That always makes me irritated....I spent time and money to drive here to look at your stuff...the least you could do was open (or post on Craigslist that you weren't going to be opening).  Anyway, rant over....I just have a limited amount of time to garage sale before the kids go crazy so it's just frustrating when the things don't open.  At least I wasn't crazy enough to knock on the door like a couple people were doing when I drove past one (talk about weird). lol

Anyway.....found MORE clothes for Asa.  This might sound strange, but I have honestly been praying before I go out to garage sales for the items that I need and the things have been falling into my lap for a great price!  I truly believe that I serve a personal God....who enjoys garage sales as much as I do. ;)  The clothes in the next 2 pics were around $10 total!  A few pieces for next year too.

This really cute bike was $3....the boys have been asking for bikes for a while.  Just have to buy some training wheels for this one.  Silas tried to ride it without the training wheels (or me) and totally wiped out....poor guy.
3 wheeled scooter for $3
I have also been looking/praying for storage....these were $1 a piece.  The best price I have seen all summer...most sales I've been to are asking anywhere from $3-$10 a piece on something like this (crazies).
The purple thing is going to be a 'desk mate' for Annabelle $ will hold her daily assignments and such.  A couple drawing books for .25 a piece....and three brand new containers ($1 a piece)  to use in the school room by Annabelle's area for pencils, scissors, glue etc.
Close-up of what the containers look like.
Robe for Annabelle .75, Dora Candy Land Game....can't believe we didn't own a candy land game $1.  Fishing game .50 (that is already thrown away because it was least I only paid .50 lol), sweet little plush barn with animals for the baby for Christmas (who I am done with presents for!)...the animals all make their sounds when you push their bellies $1) 2 maternity shirts $1 a piece (only 4 more weeks of pregnancy left!!!).
I found these books at a teacher sale for a quarter a piece!!  I was so excited.  I have wanted Me on the Map for a long time and also the Usborne book of Peoples of the World is on my list for this year!  I was also excited about the My America book, it's a 'poetry atlas' for the United States.  It will be a great addition when we start our US studies in a few years.  The bottom thing that says Fraction Tower isn't a book, but fraction blocks from Learning Resources with activity cards.  I paid $3 for those.
GRAND TOTAL: around $34....pretty close to what I wanted to spend!

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  1. It's NEVER strange to pray...about ANY thing! And I agree that God does care about little things, even Garage Sales! :) I'm so glad you found the things you needed! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I've been reading your every posts but haven't had time to comment! So exciting you only have 4 weeks! Praying for you!!! Such great treasures you found! Love the bike and scooter! And your educational finds! :)

  3. Oh I love that little barn!! And Me on the Map is on my list, too! Great find!!