Monday, November 19, 2012

Eliza: Month 2 and 3!!

Crazy how fast time is going!  I wish that we could freeze time or at least moments in time and go back and visit whenever we wanted....I guess sweet pictures will have to do. 

Jude loves Eliza....he is such a sweetie to her.
Took me the longest time to capture a smile....this girl is a hard nut to crack when it comes to I had to settle for the sweet sleeping smiles for quite a while.
Realized I didn't have many pictures of me and her.  She wasn't very cooperative. lol
These sisters LOVE each other.  This is a morning ritual at our house.  I wish these pictures had sound because it is super cute to hear Annabelle talk to her and then Eliza coo back to her. 

FINALLY got a half smile with her eyes open.  Little stinker. :)
We are loving every minute (well almost every minute) with our little girl.  I do not know if a little one could be more loved than she is.  Loving the smiling and the talking that she is doing.  Wish we could slow it down and keep her little for longer.  LOVE HER!!!!

Happy blogging!


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