Monday, November 5, 2012

First Grade Fun

We're still plugging away at 1st grade!

 Annabelle is absolutely enjoying her Sonlight Curriculum.  She is loving the adventure reading and is always asking for the next chapter.  Right now we are reading My Father's Dragon (probably finish it today or tomorrow).
After the first chapter or two I had her start coloring her 'backpack'.  This free printable is from Homeschool Share.  It is for a lapbook.....
But we made it into a reading activity.  Everytime something that he put in his backpack is mentioned in the book Annabelle cuts it out and puts it in her bag.  I've found it helps her pay attention, gets her anticipating and involved in the book, and helps her with comprehension.
We also learned some about Canada.
I've said it once....and will probably say it again.  We LOVE All About Reading.  She is moving along in Level 1 and will probably finish late Dec/early Jan.

She loves all the activities that come with it (so do I).  Flipping eggs and reading what was on the back.
This one was fun.  These gifts all had phrases on the back.  When she was done with the activity she colored the presents and then gave one to everyone in the house......
This was my gift.....what I would do with six men is beyond me, but I had to laugh that she picked that one to give to me. lol
She is finally at the stage where she is starting to write and leave notes all around the house.  I am enjoying it completely.  This was my first ever letter she gave me.  We had a rough morning  and she was taking a break in her bedroom.  When she came out she gave me this.  Keeping it forever! :)
One day she sat down and made and TON of Halloween cards.  She put most of them in envelopes and gave them to her friends.  Zak and I each got one as well.
We are really enjoying Math-U-See.  This curriculum is a lifesaver for me.  In this picture she is beginning to learn about place value.  I was beyond clueless as to how to teach her this.  SO THANKFUL!!!
We had a great time doing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The all really enjoyed picking things out for their boxes.  We had great discussions as to why we had to choose what we put in there carefully and why some things were very important and good choices and why somethings weren't.  This is going to make a fantastic yearly tradition.

Hope every one is having a great autumn.....cannot believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!!  Happy blogging.



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