Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 7 in Review

Here we are at the end of week 7. What a fun week we had. Our week here was much more unscheduled than normal due to Zak being on vacation. We did schooling here and there when daddy needed a break from all the attention the kids were giving him. On top of that Silas had to have tubes put in his ears Thursday morning which made for a day that was completely out of the norm for us (he did great!). I am pleased to say that my finger is healing nicely and can now use all my fingers to type again....yeah! :) Ok, on to the review.

Annabelle and I were able to finish the two lapbooks that have been taking a long time. I'm not including pictures of those or of our art board this week due to having so many other pictures. Rest assured that there are things hanging on it though.

Lets start out with what we did with dinosaurs this week. Annabelle and Asa got to 'excavate' them from the ice. They used warm water, salt, and hammers. They really both enjoyed this activity, and it kept them busy for quite a while. Her is Annabelle using salt to melt the ice faster.
Asa preferred the hammering method. lol

I was surprised at how much fun Silas had playing with these dinosaurs this week. He would make them roar at eachother. I must say it was quite cute.

Asa is obviously having a whole lot of fun making this crab craft. These remain unfinished as of right now, otherwise I would've included a picture. He is such a ham....all I said was, "Smile!". And this is what I got. He cracks me up.

I decided to take advantage of craft time this week while Zak was home. Annabelle and I made a stuffed fish. We each painted one side and then I stapled them together and stuffed it. Then we glued Jonah in the middle of the fish praying. We both had a good time painting.

Guess who's side this is.

A good friend picked up all these wooden spools for me at a Goodwill. There are probably close to 200 of them. All three kids have been having a blast building with them all week. I have a feeling I will be using these quite regularly in our rotation.

Just one of the many towers that were built with the spools.

The Jonah Toss game goes into the books as their favorite thing this week. Zak made it so much more fun that I had originally thought it could be. Here is the play by play. Annabelle, Asa, and Cheer Bear (Annabelle's new favorite) line up and wait with great anticipation.....

Zak makes the whale 'throw-up'. (This was the kids favorite part)

They are allowed to only pick up one at a time and bring them back to the can and put them into the whale.

Annabelle having a good time running....trying to get more balls than Asa. This game lasted a good 30 minutes for two nights in a row. I have a feeling it will get pulled out again tonight before bedtime.

Well, that pretty much sums up this week. We all had a lot of fun and will all definitely miss Zak (daddy) when he goes back to work. He really makes the days more fun around here! Happy blogging!

OOOHHHHH P.S. Our first little carrot seed has popped through the soil. Annabelle and I are both really, very excited! I actually might have been more excited than her. lol

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