Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 7: Jonah and the Big Fish, Dinosaurs

Here we are a day in which means a day late. Sorry. We did do school yesterday though...and I already have some great pictures for the review post. The last few times I've posted I've just been explaining between pictures. I like that so I'm going to continue that!

Our Bible theme this week is Jonah and the Big Fish. Annabelle likes to call it a whale-fish, because she has heard this lesson both ways (with a whale and a fish). lol There are very important lessons to be learned from this piece of history. The obvious lesson is obedience, and with disobedience there are consequences. So we will be talking about obedience. But the other lesson that I want her to take from this is that God forgives. Even when we are wrong, or do something that grieves Him, He longs for us to repent and return to Him....all we have to do is ask. This is evidenced in this lesson through the second chance God gave Jonah who deliberately went against God, AND in God's forgiveness of a repentant country who didn't know they were doing wrong until Jonah told them.

Anyway, there are so many fun activities that can be done with this! This first picture is just a quantifying with whale erasers (from the Dollar Tree). Annabelle and Asa both like to do this, although it is really easy for Annabelle.

What did the whale eat? A fun little game where you put your hand in, pull out a card and see what the whale ate. The goal is to find Jonah. This is made with paper plates, and some laminated clipart....easy to make (there is one of my favorite words). Should be fun! The idea for this was found at www.daniellesplace.com it was one of the free sample lessons.
Toss Jonah game. Jonah's consequence for his disobedience was being thrown into the water and swallowed by a whale. In this game the kiddos will be throwing bean bag balls into the can (symbolizing throwing Jonah into a whale). We are also going to watch the Veggie Tales Jonah movie.
DINOSAURS. This is our Dd theme of the week. This letter will be introduced through dinosaurs. Really fun. I have a few books from the library. This picture is a couple activities that I printed off from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com There are two piece dinosaur color matching puzzles (for Asa) and number matching (for Annabelle).
This is some of our dinosaur collection that I recently purchased at Target and the Dollar Tree. So far Annabelle and Silas have been having the most fun with these guys. We've also been watching Land Before Time and Dinosaur Train (both available instantly through Netflix...amazing what you can watch without cable!).

So these are the big new plans for the week. We are also going to be finishing a couple lapbooks this week and hopefully I will be able to post those for our week in review. And STILL waiting for that little carrot to pop its head up. :) Happy blogging!


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