Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 8: Abraham, Cookies, Squares, #4

This post is going to be a little weak. Mostly because I haven't gotten the new trays and new sensory tub ready as planned. A trip to the Dollar Tree is in order. I need some more fake leaves. I might just have to do a mid-week post (my million readers all cheer in anticipation lol).

We are going to be learning some about Abraham this week. I say some because as a patriarch of our faith we could never cover all the lessons to be learned from his faith story in a week. Not only that I think that it would go over the heads of my sweet little 4 and 2.5 year old. I am hoping that Annabelle will glean from the lessons that I have planned for her the importance of obedience (this is a weekly lesson lol) and trust in God. Also, that God keeps his promises. He will do what He said He would do! Our God is faithful to completion of His Word! No really fun pictures at the moment for those lessons. We do have some fun printouts from HennyPenny that we'll be using to hopefully help these lessons sink into her heart.

Square is the shape of the month. I thought that this would be a good time to introduce the number 4 as well. This is an easy game to learn about squares and #s 1-4. There are two different versions: Matching Color Clothespins, and Matching Number Clothespins.

C is for cookie....that's good enough for me! What preschooler doesn't like cookies? I have yet to meet one. So our letter theme for the week is Cookies. I have a couple of fun games that we will play. Also I hope to be able to let the kids decorate sugar cookies on either Friday or Saturday (when daddy is home to help). It would definitely be a fun end to the week.

Match the cookie game. Pretty self-explanatory.

Feed Cookie Monster. Kind of like pin the tail on the donkey, but I think that Cookie Monster's mouth is bigger than most donkey behinds that I've seen. Hoping that this will be something that Annabelle and Asa enjoy.

Here is a preview of our books for the next couple of weeks. Surprisingly, the only children's book that I could find on cookies at our library was If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I was hoping that they would have a better selection. So I got a book about a cow and a cat. Annabelle enjoyed the dinosaurs so much that I got her a big picture book of dinosaurs to look at. I you look closely you will see what our letter theme for next week will be ( says quack). Also, I got a book called Autumn. I thought that it would be appropriate seeing how tomorrow is the official first day of Autumn!

In addition to these activities I plan on starting another lapbook based on the book Angus the Dog. And if we have time and I'm feeling ambitious enough I will start the lapbook based on the book Are You My Mother. Oh, and we now have two carrot sprouts poking through the soil. I survived the first day without Zak being here this week. I'm very thankful that my parents made it back from vacation safely. Always nice to have an option of someplace to go in the evenings if we need to get out. One more hour until bedtime....should make it memorable. Happy blogging.

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