Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tot School: Love and the letter M

What a great week we had! We had so much fun with our Valentine's activities and with the letter Mm. Our week actually started on Sunday instead of Monday. Asa and Annabelle really wanted something to do on Sunday afternoon while I was preparing for the week. I set them up with their art easel and some paints and they got to work on phase one of their valentine making.

Before I cut up the papers that they painted into little hearts I had to capture a picture of Asa's E and A that he painted. He just amazes me!

Phase two of valentine making included putting 3 stickers on the hearts. Asa really likes stickers so he had a hard time of understanding the concept of putting only 3 stickers on the hearts. So some of them slid by with 7 stickers. :)
The finished masterpieces. I thought that they turned out pretty cute.
Before I even get started I need to state a disclaimer. Asa is really working very hard on potty training. Because of that we haven't been wearing pants this week. So if a little boy in Diego or Yo Gabba Gabba unders offends you please skip to Silas' portion of this post. (This was meant to be humorous) :)

This is a little number wheel that I made up for the kids. I also made clothespins that matched each number. Asa had no problem with the matching part. He had a very difficult time with maneuvering the clothespins. He sat there for a good 20 minutes and finally completed the activity. He was so proud of himself.

We ended the day on Monday with hanging up the Valentine window clings.
Learning about the letter Mm was so fun! Especially when you get to use M&Ms. Thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler we had a blast! Asa having a good time sorting M&Ms by color.
All done, now he's excited to get to eat them!
This is a little Monster Matching Game that I made up of monster valentines that I got last year for .10 cents a box! I wrote Mm on all the cards and stuck one set of them in the pocket chart on the wall.
Then Asa would pick one out of the pile.....
....and put it with the corresponding card in the pocket chart.
I was disappointed with how this activity turned out. I drew a whole bunch of pictures with a pink crayon on pink construction paper. Then I watered down some white tempura paint and let Asa paint over the paper while the pictures mysteriously appear. I don't know if it was the type of paper, the paint was too watered down, I didn't make the crayon markings hard enough, or a combination of all three, but the water just soaked into the paper just making a big wet mess. I think I will try this activity again sometime, but I will try it with fingerpainting paper and white crayon. Oh well, lesson learned.
I was inspired by all the cute lunches I've been seeing posted as of late. I was feeling extra creative on Tuesday must be because the kids got a love themed lunch. Heart shaped grilled cheese and strawberries, pretzel and cheese arrows (with a little dab of peanut butter to hold them together), and vanilla pudding with a couple drops of red food coloring. They all enjoyed it a lot! I may have to do this again sometime.
After lunch we finished up the day by playing in the sensory bin that I put together. Here Asa just found an item on one of the I Spy cards I made to go with the bin.
This day started off with some pajama snuggling time with Annabelle while watching Word World. What a sweet start to the day.
And I know we did much more than this on Wednesday, but I only captured Asa baking some Valentine cupcakes for the kiddos that I teach on Wednesday night at church.

Pouring very carefully......
Mixing, and doing a very good job at keeping it all in the bowl I might add.
The finished product. They look yummy and most of the kids enjoyed them so they must have tasted pretty decent too.
I must say this was my kids favorite game of the week. I really had fun watching them too. I made up a whole bunch of envelopes with clipart images of things that start with the letter Mm on them. I then made a posterboard with corresponding mailboxes to match the letters. So my kids had fun delivering mail to the correct mailbox. Plus they LOVE this cute little mailbox (Melissa & Doug via Craigslist).
Getting into the box and finding a piece of mail.
Delivering the moose his letter. So fun!

We didn't get a whole lot done on Friday because I was getting ready to go on an overnight with my aunts, grandma, mom, and girl cousins (sans kids!). I did set the kiddos up with shaving cream with a couple drops of red food coloring in it to make it pink. This kept them busy for quite a while so I could pack.
He loved the squishy feeling it made.
Time to move onto my little man, Silas.

He had a lot of fun with his sensory bin this week. He loved to pull out the items in it and sort them into the containers as he went.
He had a lot of fun with this shape stacker. It is hard to get him to focus on anything but what he sets his mind on doing. However, this day I was able to ask him to find the star and he would find one and pick it up and say, "STA" with a big huge smile on his face (which is what this picture is). The rest of the time he played with this he was very interested in knowing what the names of the other shapes were.
Silas did a lot of coloring on Monday. At the table.....
at the art easel with markers! (hey kid is your mommy crazy?!) He really loved coloring with these markers.
The finished product.
The hands of an artist. :)

Well, I tried to get him to match the colors on this M&M building sheet .
He was much more happy grabbing them off the sheet and eating them though.
Maybe a little too happy? lol
He had so much fun with the pocket chart Monster Match. He didn't match them of course, but loved putting them in and taking them out.
Annabelle was nice to Silas and let him use her Tag Jr. Yes, he is reading about princesses....learning how to treat them right most likely. ;)

The duck says, CACK.....well, according to Silas anyway. These last couple weeks I've been impressed with Silas' animal imitation show.
Toy Story 3 dominoes that I bought for Asa. Silas likes to carry them around, look at the pictures on them, hand them to me, point to the pictures, and tell me who is on the domino. We may watch a little too much Toy Story around here if he can identify all of the characters. lol
Stamping at the art easel. Always fun!
This is Silas' first experience with shaving cream. He did really good not putting it in his mouth. However, there was one small incident. He must have had an itch on his face which he scratched, which led to eye rubbing and kind him kind of freaking out for a brief moment because his face was covered with shaving cream. lol I cleaned him up and he was back at the shaving cream, but this time he didn't scratch if he had any more itches.
Looking forward to next week, another great week of memory making. Happy blogging.


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  1. I am very impressed with all that you fit in with both your kids. These are wonderful activities. I'm going to have to take notes :)

  2. Love the undies! I need to send Asher to your house. Asa is such a smart boy. He always surprises me with the things he says. Good job mom! :)

  3. Your valentines turned out adorable!

  4. Hi Jessica. That was an awesome week. The kids are doing so well with their projects. The pictures add so much to the blog. Love to all the Hakala's.
    Grandpa Smith.

  5. Oh my goodness, that lunch on Tuesday looks amazing!

  6. Wow! I'm so impressed with all you do! The clothespins and number wheel is a great idea. Perfect for fine motor skills and practicing numbers. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!